Dump The Trump He's Just a Gump

*Disclaimer: The following article does not represent the political views of Her Campus U of T. It is solely meant to be an opinionated piece reflective of the personal views of a Her Campus writer.*

Greetings Mr. Dump,

I’m sorry I meant Trump, of course.

First off, I want to point out how I am completely 110% against the idea of you becoming the future president of the United States. You are treating the elections as a complete and utter joke. So here is a humorous way to tell you that you are the worst thing that can happen to America because apparently humour is the only language you understand.

Your goal is to create a more “safe” country for the people of America. Ironically, you plan on achieving this safety and equality for your people by “building up walls” to protect people against Muslim Americans, and to “kick out Mexicans” because they’re supposedly a great danger to your country. You say that women “should be treated like shit” because your brain is still stuck in olden times where women were looked down upon by the predominantly Caucasian male population. 

In reality, your goal as a president is not to bring “equality” or to “control the borders of your loving nation,” but to make America more White. You plan on wrecking the big strong bridge humans of America have created for the past several decades to bring more “equity” and “peace” with your atrocious plans. Instead of helping the nation move forward with progressive actions, you're taking several steps back. And you are planning to woo the crowd with your bigot narcissistic personality.

But let me remind you of one thing, Donald Trump. The United States of America, emphasis on united, appreciates diversity and values equality and peace for absolutely everyone. You becoming the next president will turn the Unites States of America to just States of America because you do not care for a union amongst the citizens of that country. The very people that you plan on kicking out have helped build that nation into what it is today and will continue to do so in the future.

Essentially, you are the next Hitler of our time, and if history has taught us anything in the past, it's that your reign will have a horrible outcome for both Americans, and possibly the entire world. America does not need to secure its borders from the dangers outside of the country or the American citizens themselves, it just needs to secure itself from you. At this point, you should just do everyone a huge favour and resign from the presidential race - it's probably the only good thing you could offer to America.

Yours truly,

Zahra Danaei