A Collegiate's Guide to Curb Procrastination

It’s that time of year again, the last and most agonizing stretch of the semester: exam time. Never has the thought binging on some more Netflix, cooking, or even to spring clean as much as possible been so enticing. Of course, all collegiates can probably admit that they have felt this one time or another. But rather than pulling a last-minute panicked all-nighter in order to study for that major final, here are some tips and tricks to curb the serious procrastinator within every collegiate.


1.      Try a Social Media Detox

What is the number one distraction of all time? Facebook, of course! But not just Facebook, any and all social that collegiates loves such as Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.  But what can the busy collegiate do to prevent the hours upon hours that just disappears when we all go on our beloved social media platforms? Like media many problems we face in our everyday modern lives, there’s an app for it.

Regardless of which platform you prefer, there is a social media procrastination zapper for you.

For MAC users try SelfControl

This is a downloadable and free application for the MAC that allows users to set certain blocked periods for blacklisted sites. Users will not be able to access those sites until the timers that is set has run out. Although collegiates should be given a fair warning that this app is hardcore. Any attempt at restarting or opting out of your distraction-free commitment won’t even budge the limitations set by this app until the prescribed time is up! 

For P.C. users try installing the Google Chrome extension, StayFocusd

This handy little app allows you to program custom times in which the App will work its magic and prevent you from falling down the rabbit hole of the internet. You can also program the app to allow 10-20 minutes of free browsing time before getting down to work.


2.      Get a Planner and Cross Things Off!

Now before you say is it really that easy? It really is. According this Business Insider article on what successful people’s do’s/don’ts’s, one habit that successful people do is they make a to-do list and manage to cross items off their list with a 70% success rate. Personally eveytime I cross something off my everyday list I feel super accomplished and productive. Not to say I was actually productive and more so than beating 30 levels of Candy Crush at once! So that is definitely one habit that I encourage all collegiates to try during the stressful period of finals.



3.      Treat It Like a Game


For those collegiates that find it super difficult to tear themselves away from the computer screen and need further encouragement, HabitRPG has the solution for you. This is one of my favourite ways to prevent procrastination, mostly because as I am being productive I am also playing a game. Setting certain goals such as studying for that super hard econ exam and accomplishing it will gain your characters experience and points! Not only are you able to get ready for that exam, or even finish off that paper, you are also helping your RPG characters level up for their next adventure! For collegiates that love video games, this is definitely the app you will need in your life, especially since you can carry around your RPG life in your pocket. 

Good luck on your finals, collegiates! You will all do well!

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