Campus Cutie: Meet The Fabulous and Inspiring Roddy Rodriguez

Meet the fearless, fabulous Roddy Rodriguez. Never afraid to speak his mind, dye his hair any shade of the rainbow, and put together fierce outfits that always make me jealous. When I was given the task to interview someone (hopefully a friend) for this Campus Cutie feature, I was wary as this kind of piece is not really my forte. Roddy sprung to mind immediately when I realized that Campus Cutie was more about finding people that you admire and highlighting their unique strengths. When I met Roddy last fall at Innis College frosh we were both coming off a gap year, starting a year later than our peers. Along with a few others, we braved the harsh Toronto streets to find groceries for the first time together. Roddy was in a few of my classes including ENG140 with spectacular Professor Cruz (Shoutout!) and I saw him often at Residence events. Unfortunately, due to class schedules and differing friend groups we didn't see much of each other, but it was always nice to bump into him and I always took notes on what pattern combos/ accesories to play with. Roddy, unbeknownst to me. went through a personal crisis last year that left him without a place in Residence, alone and in need of help and support denied to him by the system. He could have so easily given up but instead he spoke to the school newspaper in order to reach students like himself and give a voice to their struggles. I cried when I read this beautiful interview and I reached out to roddy in the middle of my own personal crisis this summer and he was nothing but kind and supportive. He helped me to see a new way of looking at my suffering and using it to lift me up instead of dragging me down. He encouraged me to join clubs and be more fearless with my opinions and ideas. 

I could think of no one better than Roddy to introduce to the blogosphere. I am in awe of this sassy, classy vs trashy, tell it like it is, brash and always beautiful, human being.

Name: Roddy Rodriguez

Status: Campus Actor and Style Icon

How would you describe your style?

It's constantly changing. There used to be a structure or theme to my outfits. I guess I'd describe my style as classy meets trashy. See the fishnets, along with the structured shirt and bag. I like to mix patterns and pile on accessories. I went through a bowtie and button phase. My outfits change like my hair colour.

Reporter (aka me): HelloGiggles just did a piece on how rose gold hair is the new trend. I guess you are a trendsetter.

Roddy: Aha. I hadn't seen that.

Fun Fact: He lived in Dubai for Ten years before moving to Cambridge, Ontario. It was an adjustment going from a city full of life to lights out at 9pm.

Tell me about the play you were recently in?

Trojan Barbie? It was a dark play about genocide and set in a Trojan woman’s camp. I like how Christine Evans the playwright balanced the traditional Greek tragedy with the contemporary. I think we tend to brush away the female perspective in history. We become so entranced with history as it is presented in the pages of textbooks and tend to be ignorant of the hidden truths of that history. I was completely unaware of the suffering of the Trojan women before I took on this role.

Most listened to song on your playlist right now?

Okay, so my most listened to song on my playlist would be "Mowgli's Road" by Marina and the Diamonds - it's essentially about finding yourself and who you want to be and the consequences and I feel like I need to listen to it each day to really know who I am.

What superpower would you want to possess?

I'd love to teleport because there are times where I would just really want to see a person and because they're so far away or I'm so busy I can't see them. Also it'd be really useful because I'm late to everything.

What musical are you dying to star in?

Hmmm technically I already have starred in a musical that I liked; I got to play Marta in "Company" and I loved her character because she was this free spirit who really just went with whatever she felt. I identify with that a lot. But for now, I'd like to be Moritz in "Spring Awakening", his nervous and morbid mindset is tragic but hilarious.

Who would play Roddy Rodriguez in a movie?

I think I'd like Shia LaBeouf to be with me in the zombie apocalypse because he's strong and he seems encouraging? And he's like a dick in a cool way? But he's also really hot so if I end up dying, I'd like us to have a passionate kiss and I can die in his arms.

Awesome. Yeah, don’t make out with Shia. You could do better. I'd like a piece of Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Miles Teller myself. (Domhnall Gleeson too!!!!)

Reporter's Note: Conversation now descends into madness before Roddy picks Josh Hutcherson as his elevator buddy

Nevermind, I'd go Josh Hutcherson, he's cute, he's open to making out with guys and he seems strong.

I picked Liam Hemsworth. He wore a panda onesie and the ultimate swoon for this Vegan gal: he’s recently taken up the lifestyle himself. #Team Gale.


Roddy you are amazing! And hilarious and definitely worthy of the Campus Cutie title and so much more than a pretty face. An original soul.