Is Breaking COVID Rules Really Worth the Risk?

Edited By: Tanmaya Ramprasad


Like many of you, I am ready to break out of my house and venture out into the world again. But the fact is, we can’t, and we have good reason not to. Since the first lockdown has been lifted, there have been people who have taken advantage of the freedom so they can live as though everything is back to normal. 

The truth is, it’s not, and they’re just making things worse.

I had recently seen on the news about the owner of the Etobicoke restaurant, Adamson Barbecue, who was arrested for opening indoor dining during the lockdown, not having a restaurant license, and multiple other charges. His excuse for not shutting down was to take a stand for small businesses against the new lockdown restrictions, commenting on how the big box corporations can continue to stay open, yet the independent and local places are forced to shut down (Ranger and Talbot).

Yes, it is unfair that many businesses have been forced to shut down once again, especially as Christmas is nearing. However, the question remains, is breaking the COVID laws really worth all of this? Many believe that going against the restrictions is to fight for their freedom and choice, but these same people are out there putting others in danger, allowing the numbers to only increase.

I have been working in retail for just over three years now. Before the second lockdown began, we worked three to four hours minimum wearing a mask and disinfecting everything every hour. I saw many different people and likely had come into contact with some of the things they touched in the store, which made me worried about getting the virus, especially because my grandmother now lives with us. If I’m not careful, I'm putting her and the rest of my family at risk. 

So, before you go out to that really big party or get together, or decide to go to a crowded public place without that mask, think about the others you are putting at risk. It’s been said that one person can make a difference, and that’s how many events, including this pandemic, have started. The economy has always been able to bring itself back up; you can’t do the same with someone’s life.





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