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Bows, Laces, and Everything Pink: Perfecting the Coquette Look

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Have you seen the latest trend of putting bows on your dogs? Or, maybe you noticed the cute pink dresses with lace details on them in your favorite stores. These trends and looks are characterized by the coquette trend, which suddenly gained a cult-like following last year. Many have started to adopt this look, and stores have been adding these coquette dresses, tops, and skirts to their shelves.

But, how can you actually perfect the coquette look? With the infinite posts about this trend, it can be quite confusing to build and even start the coquette wardrobe. So, if you want to start building your very own coquette wardrobe, there are the 6 essentials to perfecting the look.

1. Aritzia’s Soloist Sweater

I’m pretty sure that this Aritizia top has been uploaded to your Pinterest board. A white, romantic top is an essential clothing piece, and it’s easy to match with everything.  

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2. Juliette Peasant Maxi Skirt

A white plain skirt is a MUST to build your coquette wardrobe. This is a bestseller skirt from Garage and an easy skirt to style with your other pieces.

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3. Whimsical Laces Anya Dress

This brand all the way from Indonesia makes the best flowy dresses with their intricate laces and details. If you want an extra oomph to your everyday look, this is the perfect dress to get!


4. Swarovski’s Lifelong Bow necklace

This necklace with a bow accent can make for a timeless piece. Jewelries are an important way to elevate your looks. 

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5. Repetto Cendrillon Ballerinas

The shoe brand Repetto has gained massive compliments on its stylish and simple shoes, especially its ballerina flats. Get a pair of the pink Cendrillon Ballerinas to complete your shoe collection.  

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6. DIY Hair Bows

If you want an easy way to adopt the coquette wardrobe, you can buy or look for any ribbon (choose your favorite colors!). Then, you can just tie a bow to your hair. So simple, yet cute!

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Clarine Tantowi

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