Best Female Made Tech Inventions

Let's face it, women have not always received the credit they deserve in Nobel prizes, Grammys, Pulitzers, and so on. Women are speciallu not given their well deserved space in STEM fields which is why we wanted to tell you about some inventions that, we bet, you didn't know were made by women.


Sanabria by Olga D. González (a NASA genious)

In the eighties, Puerto Rican Olga D. González-Sanabria invented the batteries that gave power to the International Space Station for a long time. Now, she runs a NASA Research Center.


Caller ID and call waiting by Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson is a theoretical physicist who, in the seventies, conducted an investigation that resulted in call detectors and call waiting. Her discoveries in telecommunication have also allowed others to invent portable fax, fiber optic cables and solar cells.


The beginnings of WiFi by Hedy Lamarr

This intelligent Swedish woman carried out a very important investigation in the forties that, years later, formed the fundamentals for the creation of technology such as WiFi and Bluetooth.



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