Beauty Tips - 5 Dupes for All Collegiates to Try

As every collegiate knows, although we try to budget, spend wisely, and keep tabs on where our hard earned cash goes, one thing that can’t be compromised or budgeted is our beauty expenses. Especially when it comes to makeup products that promises and performs miracles. But like all good things, they don’t come cheap. Unfortunately one too many trips to Sephora can wreak havoc on your back account. Or even worse, having to embarrassingly walk out because you know that there isn't sufficient funds right now in your account for that product.

But not to worry fellow collegiates because that’s what dupes are for... right? And speaking of dupes of our favorite products, here is a list of FIVE acclaimed beauty products that I have personally found and will vouch for…

1. If you love Bioderama’s Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Solution… Try Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water.

Right down to the packaging, the differences are minimal... except for the price! The much-acclaimed French pharmaceutical staple has finally found its rival in the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The only minor difference in the two is the product consistency of Ganier appears to be less watery than the former. However the results are so similar that every collegiate should definitely think about making the switch to save some major $$$.

2. If you love Yves Saint Laurent’s Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain… Try L’Oréal’s Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain.

Did you know that YSL is owned by L’Oréal? Yep, you heard it here first. That is why the two products seem to be so eerily similar. Although I would credit the YSL glossy stain with a bit more of a stronger colour pay-off than L’Oréal, the difference is fairly minimal. Thus making this dupe definitely worth considering if collegiates are looking to be stylish and economically friendly.

3. If you love Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye liner… Try L’Oréal’s Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eye Liner.

Skinny black eyeliners are everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between them. However, from the billions of eyeliners I have personally tried, the infallible liner from L’Oréal definitely differentiates itself from the rest of the pack by being not only super slim, but having darker than black colour, and an amazing felt tip. This liner is definitely the closest drug store dupe I have come across to my Stila liners.

4. If you love L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream… Try Nivea Crème.

This dupe is essential for any collegiate that wants to avoid dry and crackly hands in the winter time. Also, because it's a genuinely good hand cream it's so hard to come by. Although I love my L’Occitane tubes to death, my bank account unfortunately doesn’t… at all. So once in a while it’s good to go back to the basics and revisit an old makeup staples such as the Nivea Crème. Thick, heavy, and pleasantly scented, this moisturizer will surely cure any collegiate of their dry skin woes on a dime.

5. If you love Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes… Try L’Oréal’s Colour Riche La Palette Nudes.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, the Naked Palette vs. La Palette Nudes? Of course, we all know that every collegiate loves the Naked Palette, but not so much the steep price we pay to get our hands on one. So instead of spending close to $100 dollars on one eye shadow palette, why not head over to your local drug store and pick up the same palette for a quarter of the price? Although there are some small colour differences, the idea of a staple shades of nude palette has still been perfectly captured within the L’Oréal Palette.


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