The Beautiful, Proud Victorian: Sumeeta F

“I might regret things at first, but in the long run, it helps me get to where I am now and the future. It’s character building.”

Some of society's most intriguing and fascinating individuals are people you choose to surround yourself with: people who have made an impact on your life or inspired you in one way or another. University is a wonderful example--the majority of your colleagues worked hard in order to attend this institution. Everyone had something to offer the university at the time of admissions, be it outstanding academics, sports, and so forth.

That is why you and I are studying at the University of Toronto. We make positive contributions to this university, ones that make this institution better. Perhaps the next statement is completely biased, but take it with a grain salt: Victoria College is home to some of the most interesting and diverse group of individuals. Victorians are inclusive and open-minded. Why else would Victoria College love everyone (including Trin, our love-hate college)?

Despite having a slew of options to introduce as a campus cutie, I decided to interview the most positive, inspiring Victorian I have come to know and love. Let me introduce you to Sumeeta F, a confident and intelligent woman who will have you thinking, "goals."

"I stopped thinking about 'flaws' in high school. I like me."

Name: Sumeeta F

Year of Study: Fourth Year, double major in Computer Science and Linguistics

College: Victoria College

Hometown: Oakville, ON

Relationship Status: "I have six boyfriends, five of them being One Direction."

Describe Vic in 5 words.

“Community, supportive, inspirational, leaders, love.”

What does a strong, independent woman mean to you?

“It means me. Just kidding… Somebody who knows how to be happy with herself and then with other people.”

How has being a part of Victoria College made you a better woman?

“After being here for a few years, I feel like it has helped bring me closer to finding who I am.”

What are your thoughts on Tinder and university hookup culture?

“Everyone is at different stages of their lives and some people want different things. I think Tinder is a swell idea for people who want to use it."

Advice to your 16 year old self about casual relationships?

“Be aware of what you’re looking for, don’t just go into a hookup if you know you want something that is more long-term. Know what you want and know what the other person wants.”

If you have one piece of advice to offer high school students, entering university in the coming year, what would it be?

“Don’t be scared to get involved with activities. I didn’t get involved until my third year and it has made my experience so much better. Get involved, meet people, and have fun.”

What is your biggest regret?

“I regret taking so long to speak up for myself because I got used to being walked all over and just keeping things to myself always. I like to think now that I have gotten better at communicating my feelings. But it caused a lot of trouble and grief during my youth.”

What does romantic love mean to you?

“Love is someone who is always going to be there for you; someone who accepts you for who you are, and love is unconditional. Love is having a best friend you get to kiss.”

Give me a five word story.

After listing potential phrases, Sumeeta offered one she thought represented her personality the best: “Have fun and love everyone.”

Photo credits: Ilya Motamedi