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The Basics of Kesha’s Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

If you’ve been participating in the social media detox (the latest trends these days) or have been living under a rock, then you probably know about the latest celebrity news, aka Kesha’s sexual assault lawsuit that has been ongoing for a very long time—the most recent evidence of it dating back to 2011.

There have been many articles discussing this lawsuit as it had been filed October of 2014, and honestly, it is quite an interesting, disgusting and twisted case. It’s complicated in its detail and overall story, but for now, until further information and resolution, here are the basics of what this lawsuit entails.

Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, her music producer in 2014 for having “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused” her that almost cost her own life. Oh, did I mention she had been drugged then raped? Yeah, that.

In response to this lawsuit, Dr. Luke countersued. That was great…

After a few months, a New York judge DENIED injunction that would have allowed Kesha to record new music with a new label and producer. So that was fun for her.

Then, pop stars such as Taylor Swift, Zedd, and Lady Gaga have showed their support of Kesha by offering to produce music with her. Go T-Swift and Zedd!

At the Oscars, Lady Gaga performed her outstanding “Till it Happens to You” to which Kesha tweeted her thanks to the singer for her support. Naturally however, Dr. Luke’s lawyer insisted that Kesha is in fact NOT the VICTIM, and what’s more? Dr. Luke himself tried to silence Kesha for supporting Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscar.

In a nutshell, Kesha is forced to release six more albums with Sony and Dr. Luke, because the New York judge made the wrong call. Many fans have shown their support and loyalty to Kesha by protesting outside courtrooms and using social media to express their outrage. It is a big deal, if you think it isn’t.

That’s not all though. The best part is some of the commentary on this lawsuit. Some individuals have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms saying incredibly ridiculous statements like, “She’s lying for public attention” or better yet, “Another slut thirsty for publicity.”

Seriously, people? This is why we need feminism.

But as Christina Cauterucci, a Slate staff-writer, wrote in her article regarding the lawsuit, “Money talks, and when millions of dollars are at stake, it can drown out almost any call for help.”

And isn’t that the truth?










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