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Are Bizarre Brow Trends Here to Stay?

Edited By: Joy Jiang


I am not one to keep up with beauty trends, but this year it has been almost impossible to ignore the explosion of brow trends that have been featuring all over social media. So I have taken it upon myself to break down the most bizarre brow trends of 2017 and answer the one burning question on everyone’s mind: are brow trends here to stay or will it be bye-bye brows?


First up, we have what I would deem the weirdest brow trend of 2017, and that is the McDonald’s arch. If you have never heard of it or seen it, look no further than beauty mogul Huda Kattan’s Instagram page. The world-famous makeup artist started the McDonald’s arch trend a few months ago and since then, many of her followers have done their own version of the arch. But regardless of whose face it’s on, this trend is 100% ridiculous. I would pick McDonald’s fries over McDonald’s brows any day of the week. 


The second brow trend of 2017 is the squiggle brow. As the name would suggest, your brow transforms from a single line into a squiggly line. Personally, I think this trend is awful. It makes your brow look like it’s going to squiggle its way off your face and leave you brow-less. But some people like this trend and that’s why it has exploded all over social media. Make-up artists all over the world have done their own version of the squiggle brow. 


The braided brow is the third, and one of the more subtle brow trends of 2017. A minimalist brow look that gives the illusion of braids, this trend is one that I particularly like. The trick with this trend is that you basically draw on a braid. You manipulate make-up so that it creates the illusion that you’ve braided your teeny tiny brow hairs.


Moving away from subtle, the fourth brow trend of 2017 is the glitter brow. This look is quite versatile in the sense that you can use it for a variety of different occasions. By adding a lot of glitter, you make your brows pop and have a prominent look. However, by using a little bit of shine you can tone down your brow look and keep things subdued. The glitter brow also comes in all sorts of colours and styles. From ombré, to rainbow, to gold, this brow trend is forever changing.


The fifth brow trend of 2017 is the feather brow. This look requires a lot of precise brushing. The top half of your brow is brushed upwards and the bottom half is brushed downwards in a skilful manner to achieve the desired look. This is yet another brow trend that I believe looks awful, to the extent that it sometimes looks like a cockroach crawling on your face. But that’s just my opinion. Who knows, maybe the cockroach population is honoured to be the inspiration behind this brow trend.


Last but not least, we have the no brow trend, one of the riskiest yet maybe most rewarding brow looks of 2017 — at least that’s how it worked out for Jazzelle Zanaughti. The 21-year-old model has been rocking the no brow look for months and has racked up quite a following on her social media because of her unique aesthetic. She takes full advantage of her bare brow area by drawing on all sorts of quirky doodles. Personally, I think she pulls this look off amazingly well but it is still a risky trend that suits very few people.


My verdict, and I hope and pray that I am right, is that the brow craze is dying. During 2017 the human population has needed to distract themselves from Trump and the mayhem he has been causing, so perhaps they turned towards bizarre brow trends. But now that the year is coming to an end, let’s hope that we have seen the last of the braided, squiggly, and glitter brows.

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