Anaa Ravichandran : UofT From A Student Exchange Perspective

Meet Anaa. Raised in the UK and currently attends the University of Liverpool, Anaa has taken a semester to exchange abroad to UofT this Fall semester to build experience and discover what Canada and UofT has to offer. I sat down on a chilly afternoon for an interview with Anaa and listen to the story she excited shares. 

Hi Anaa! Please introduce yourself everyone out there who will be reading this.

Hello, I am Anaa Ravichandran, 2nd year major in Accounting and Finance. I am an exchange student at UoT for the Fall term from the University of Liverpool. I am a 19 year old who loves travelling and learning new cultures and languages.


Why did you choose UofT to exchange abroad?

I chose to study aboard because I want to go gain experience from studying in another country. Also, in the UK, top graduates usually did similar exchange programs so I think there is reputation and value for students who study abroad. I chose UofT as my exchange destination as it is one of the top university in Canada and have high reputation for its facilities and resources. I also want to be independent and develop my interpersonal skills.

Can you tell us about your home university?

My home university is the University of Liverpool. It is based in Liverpool, northwest of England. The University of Liverpool offer a wide range of course like UofT.

What do you find challenging during your study at UofT?

When I first started studying at UofT I found the class rooms are awkward because they are small and there is a lot of class discussion in the class room. This is because I never used to have lecture in a small class as in the University of Liverpool. But as time passed I started liking the environment in the classrooms as they were more interactive and you can ask and answer questions.

How did your semester at UofT go?

This semester I took 5 courses so it was hard to maintain the time for each of the courses and prepare from midterms and final exams as they are consecutive without break, so I'm quite busy during my time here.

What did you like about UofT?

I like the fact that UofT allows students to choose the courses that they like and suit their interests. Also there is more club activities  and they are more active and have a lot of activities in the campus for students to participate. I joined in Japanese club to learn Japanese as I love learning about new languages and culture. Also there is more diversity in the student body at UofT which allow you to befriend those with different with cultures. Also UofT offer greater facilities for students to learn.

Would you recommend others to exchange at UofT?

I wiould recommend my friends and other students in Liverpool to exchange to UofT.  As my home university also invites students who have been on study abroad to share their experiences studying abroad I look forward to sharing my time at UofT when I get back! 

If given the chance, would you like to come back for another semester or visit UofT?

Yes I would love to continue studying in UofT next semester or even do a summer course if I get the chance in the future!

Thank you so much Anaa for sharing, hopefully you can enjoy your remaining time here at UofT and Canada. We wish you successes in your exams and the future.