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7 Reasons Why You Should Join HC UToronto

Happy summer collegiettes – we made it! To celebrate the end of another hectic year, we are doing a giveaway – yay! However, this giveaway will be a little different than our previous ones, because this survival kit will be in honor of the amazing HC team of 2014-2015. That’s right, this month’s prize pack goes to a MVP writer who went above and beyond the call of duty at HC UToronto this year, and she will be winning everything in today’s post. Stay tuned till the end of this post to find out who it is!

1) Blink Tattoos! These tattoos will be perfect for a summer music festival, RibFest, or a fun afternoon out with friends at the CNE, listening to Toronto’s up and coming musical talent in the Bandshell. 

P.S: These tattoos GLOW UNDER UV BLACK LIGHT!! Clubbing, anybody?

2) A heart charm necklace from Origami Owl, a company that designs custom made jewellery for all of life’s special events. 

3) A notebook from See Jane Work, for all your creative article pitches (hint hint!) and taking notes in style during the school year.

4) Wet ‘n Wild’s Volume Plus mascara for that fresh “no makeup” summer look, which has a 4.4/5 star review on Makeupalley! 

5) Funky nail decals from Jamberry that will be a definite conversation starter at summer barbeques and downtown patios! 

6) A month’s free trial of Crunch – which brings new meaning to the phrase “crunch time.” Get your butt in gear for a healthier 2015-2016 with this app’s online workout videos and customized workout plan. *Note: Code is open to all collegiettes 

7) An amazing team of writers and executives who want to publish articles on everything and anything under the sun! You name it, we’ve done it – be it the state of space exploration on Mars, how to re-vamp your vanity, the Mayoral elections, or board game cafes around Toronto, we want you to write about what you’re interested in. If you’re an aspiring Carrie Bradshaw or think you’d be an amazing Marketing Boss, Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Design Director, etc. check out more information on HC recruitment!


And the winner of HC UToronto’s last survival kit for the 2014-2015 term is…

Vanessa Miraples!

Vanessa is a beauty blogger who has been with us since August of 2014, and without fail, she always produces fun and informative tutorials and articles for our readers. Vanessa takes it above and beyond by experiementing new looks on herself and photographing the process for her articles. Thank you for being so reliable, a pleasure to work with, and writing articles that were so entertaining to edit. We wish Vanessa the best of luck in the future – which by the way, will be at U of T to complete her Master’s Degree! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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Lisa Chen

U Toronto

Lisa Chen is currently a second year student majoring in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (it's a thing - I swear!) with a minor in English and a joint minor with Singapore National University in Asian Culture and Literature. When she is not editing articles for HerCampus and marveling at the amazing content her writers produce, Lisa is an executive on the Arts and Science Student's Union (ASSU) where she represents and advocates for the interests of over 24,000 students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Lisa hopes to study law after graduation, preferably somewhere warm like California because Canadian winters are ridiculous and she loves high-waisted shorts. If you see her around campus, don't be afraid to come say hi! Especially if you love Adventure Time and Harry Potter as much as she does. 
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