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7 New Years Resolutions – St. George Campus Edition

One of my favourite things about being a student at U of T is the fact that we have such an incredible and expansive downtown campus. With a seemingly infinite number of buildings, how are you possibly supposed to explore it all? Whether it’s your first winter semester at U of T or your last, here are my 7 New Years resolution ideas to help you and I take advantage of our one-of-a-kind campus in 2018. I’m going to try my best to accomplish all of these, but you can choose your favourites and add your own!


1. Discover a new place to eat/get coffee.

This is one of those things that I always say I want to do, but then never do. Especially when it comes to coffee, cafes and restaurants are a staple part of our everyday routine. We crave that “blank slate” feeling that comes with a New Years resolution…an easy way to achieve that is to change up one part of your day: where you get your coffee! With over 30 food locations on campus and dozens of places to get coffee and tea, find a new favourite spot to grab a bite. (for coffee lovers, here‘s a great place to start looking.)

2. Try out a new library.

I don’t think that I’ve even seen half of the libraries on the St. George campus. We are so lucky to have such a wide variety of library resources at our fingertips, and it’s a bonus that libraries are such amazing study spaces. Trying out a new library might lead to you finding your new favourite study spot, and with so many different vibes, the perfect library for you might still be out there! This is another great way to shake up your daily routine in 2018 and give you a new perspective (quite literally) of U of T. Take a look at the full list of libraries on the St. George campus here.


3. Take a photo of the snow!

Whether you’re a Canadian student or an international student, we can all admit that the snow has the potential to be beautiful, if nothing else. To some, the snow may not be a conventional thing of beauty, but appreciating the wonderful view of the Canadian winter makes it seem a little bit better. In these first snowy months of 2018, find a pretty spot on campus and have a photoshoot with your friends, or bring your photography skills to the snow-covered trees and sugar-dusted rooftops and take a killer Instagram photo to show off the beauty of the campus in wintertime. 

4. Go to a performance on campus.

There are so many hardworking students putting on productions all year round at the University of Toronto. It’s easy to forget about what other student groups are creating when you’re focused on doing your own thing, and as a lover of the arts, I resolve to see more student performances this year. Hart House Theatre has multiple productions lined up for 2018, and with a little looking, you can find advertisements for all sorts of shows, concerts, and performances around campus. If music is your thing, the Faculty of Music’s events calendar is a great place to start! 


5. Take better notes!

This one may seem out of place, but hear me out. This resolution isn’t necessarily specific to the St. George campus, but it is something that I’m sure most of us could improve on in 2018. Think back to the fall semester and discover what you want to change about the way you take notes. Could they be neater? More detailed? Simplified? Find a way, no matter how small, to shake up your note-taking routine to help 2018 feel like a fresh academic start. Having clearer, more organized notes might lead to you having more time to check off some of the other resolutions on this list! 

6. Do some campus sightseeing.

Every morning, I see the Gardiner Museum as I walk to class, and yet, I’ve never gone inside. That will change this year! There are so many amazing places that Toronto has to offer right in the middle of our campus, and they’re just waiting for you to take advantage of. Choose a place that speaks to you, and make the resolution to go there! If you’re looking for inspiration, see if you can find the time to meander around campus between classes one day, or…do the next best thing and explore from your bed on Google Maps. Either way, you’ll surely come across a place that you didn’t fully realize existed. 


7. Spend more time with your profs and peers.

This resolution is about making the most of the amazing people (like you!) that spend their time at the University of Toronto. Accomplished professors, graduate students, and undergrads work and live on this great campus in this great city. Talk to a prof you’ve never spoken to in person before! Go see your TA more often! Hang out with your friends and make new friends in your new classes! Being around like-minded people is one of the greatest gifts that university can offer you…good thing there’s over 60 000 students alone at the St. George campus. Try your best to make one new friend this term!

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