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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

You better grab your hot cocoa and credit card because winter is almost here, and that means it’s time for a seasonal closet update! While I dread the bitter winds and shorter days to come, winter fashion is the only thing that keeps me from moving to the west coast.

Winter is the best time for clothes because it’s a season when we can have comfort and style – plus, not a lot of people leave their house in the cold, so it’s a great time to experiment with looks you might’ve been afraid to wear!

Here are some of my favorite necessary items to survive this winter fashion season!


Paired with a monochrome sweater and jeans, peacoats are the epitome of winter weather. This style of coat has been rising in popularity – especially in New York City, where celebrities like Katie Holmes and Bebe Rexha have donned this stylish piece for a casual night out on the town. I bought my first peacoat years ago, and I’ll be the first to say that it was a worthwhile investment. 

Regardless of the color you choose, peacoats are an inexpensive, comfy, and Instagram-perfect piece for everyone from the New York millennial to the suburban folks. Even a print like plaid, which is definitely a bit controversial in the fashion world, can feel sophisticated on a peacoat. So, whether it be plaid, camel, black, or some other fun print, peacoats are a great way to mature your style while staying warm in freezing temperatures. 

Chunky Accessories

I’ve never left my house without accessories, and just because it’ll be winter soon doesn’t mean you should forget these essential pieces of your outfit.

Although it’s winter, the sun hasn’t disappeared, so sunglasses are still necessary when you just don’t want to be seen. Chunky sunglasses specifically have come back as a posh, modern take on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s shades, and this trend is definitely here to stay. 

As for jewelry, thick chains and bracelets – the few good things that came out of 2000s fashion – are dominating the scene. Since winter clothes are usually more low-key and subtle than other seasonal pieces, chunky jewelry gives winter outfits edge and flare. I used to prefer small, simple earrings, but after trying chunky hoops, I never went back to my old ways. Chunky jewelry, especially hoops, are fun, flattering, and easy to style.

Overall, chunky accessories are a bold, vintage way to express yourself and take part in a fun trend that’s here to stay.       

Pastel Sweatsuit

We all have lazy days when we want to leave the house in just our pajamas, but this winter trend has taken comfort to a whole new level. Supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber have popularized the pastel sweatsuit, and made it not only socially acceptable, but fashionable, to wear quarantine sweats out in public. 

Personally, I love this trend because it’s effortless, and with the many available colors, sweatsuits can be personalized to fit your unique style. Pastel sweatsuits are especially great because they’re not colors we usually see in winter, so it’s a great way to stand out among the crowds of dark winter fits. As someone who loves my lavender sweatsuit, believe me when I say this outfit has made it very difficult for me to get lost anywhere I go.

Pastel sweatsuits are a fashion-forward statement that combine the simplicity of monochrome pieces with the comfort of sweats.   

Platform Boots

Not only are these shoes a blessing for short people like me, but they’re also surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. They’re a classic closet essential and perfect for people going for an edgy, yet classy look. Unlike regular heels that make noise every step you take, platform boots come with the added benefit of being quiet and undistracting for those who don’t want to turn heads. 

Platform boots match with everything, ranging from a basic denim and t-shirt look to a more chic sweater and skirt set. They also come in several patterns like brown leather or snake-effect, which give major retro, ‘70s vibes. I have a pair of black leather platform boots, and every time I wear them, I feel like a strong and confident boss.

These shoes are essential, whether it be for boosting height, styling dramatic outfits with patterns, or creating an edgier persona. 

While winter might be dreaded for several (might I say, valid) reasons, I look forward to winter fashion every year because it’s the time for people to experiment with their closet and push the boundaries of their fashion comfort zone. Contrary to popular belief, winter fashion doesn’t just revolve around the holidays; it challenges people to change their styles in response to the changing weather and changing mood. I believe that winter is not only a time to personalize and explore your style, but also a time to find yourself and your identity through fashion. 

Melissa is currently a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Economics. She loves to travel, read books, do yoga, and watch rom-coms!