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How is Christmas already (almost!) here? It feels like just yesterday we were stressing about Halloween costumes and what side dishes to make for Thanksgiving…The next thing we know, it’s going to be New Year’s Day!

Although this holiday season may be less stressful than last year’s, before vaccines were widely available, you may still be struggling with what to wear for your holiday get–togethers. There are countless options: should you go completely comfortable in holiday pajamas? Or should you go formal in a red holiday dress?

Below, you’ll find three outfit combinations that will guide you to a middle ground perfect for any of your holiday plans. Comfortable enough to happily enjoy your winter feast, but dressy enough to feel like it’s an occasion after all. 

Jeans and a Sweater   

A tried and true classic! This combination will never let you down. For jeans, go for either a baggier fit or a straight leg. These Ragged Priest jeans from Free People are my inspirations for the baggy jean look. Baggy jeans may as well be sweatpants, but they feel more put together. 

Straight–leg jeans are also a great option! These Aritzia gems make the perfect foundation for any outfit.

Also, feel free to experiment with color this late fall. More specially, look into jeans other than the classic blue — such as a deep brown or a black option. 

As for the sweater, cable knit is always the way to go. This jade green sweater from Free People is cozy and will hide any stains that inevitably occur as you pass the gravy back and forth. If you’re not a cable knit fanatic, go with a blouse or shirt and chunky cardigan.

Speaking of sweaters, it’s never a bad idea to pull out the reds and greens, especially for the holidays! Or you can always reach in the back of your closet for an ugly Christmas sweater! 


Ok, you may think that dresses are too formal and uncomfortable. However, it all depends on the dress you choose! The perfect winter dress is a flowy number. Long, flowy dresses are easy and comfortable to move around in this holiday season. Realisation Par offers ideal choices, such as this beautiful autumnal dress.

Prints make the dress that much more fun! Go for a floral number or another eye–catching graphic design. 

Make sure to pair the dress with something like a mini cardigan or jacket so you can withstand the cold! To dress it down, pair with sneakers; if you want to make it a bit more formal, go for boots.      

Anything Plaid

Fall’s almost over, which means one thing: it’s time to get all the plaid out of your closet! Plaid is the epitome of the autumn and winter seasons, so it only makes sense to rock it for your holiday dinners. 

A safe outfit option is a plaid flannel with jeans. However, if you’re looking for a more upscale look, swap the flannel for a plaid blazer. This deep brown Babaton blazer makes the perfect statement piece for your outfit. 

If you really want to stand out, ditch the jeans and match the blazer with formal pants or slacks. A pantsuit is the ultimate power move! Find matching pants to the Babton blazer here.

The options for plaid are really endless: from plaid dresses to plaid pants, you can really incorporate this pattern into everything. 

At the end of the day, wear what makes you comfortable! Whether that’s a dress paired with heels or a matching sweat set, do what makes you happy. Make sure to enjoy this much–needed time off and have fun this holiday season! 

Jada Gritton

U Penn '24

Jada Gritton is studying PPE with an intended minor in Gender Studies. She enjoys reading, cooking, and listening to music and is excited to join the HerCampus team.