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What Shows I Plan to Watch This Winter Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

All semester, I’ve had no time to binge any shows. In high school, I could easily watch shows on the weekend or before bed throughout the week. Nowadays, I can’t even find time to do that as I’m constantly working on homework, studying, or exploring the city with friends. 

Although hanging out with friends is fun, sometimes it’s nice to have a chill night in while watching a comforting show. Being home over break is the perfect opportunity to do just that. To reward myself for my hard work all semester long, I’m going to find at least one show to binge over break; below are some of my top contenders!

The Sex Lives of College Girls 

The Sex Lives of College Girls is an HBO Max original show created by Mindy Kaling, a creator whose past work I have loved (check out her Netflix show Never Have I Ever!). The show is about a group of freshmen roommates at the fictional Essex College, and it follows their sex lives and the drama that comes along with them. 

I personally love when shows combine comedy and drama, and that’s exactly what this show is rumored to do best, which is why it’s at the top of my list. 


While I tried to survive the semester, my family watched Succession. Them insistently sending memes or clips from the show in our family group chat convinced me it would be worth the try. 

Succession is another comedy–drama from HBO Max, created in 2018 by Jesse Armstrong. The show is about the Roy family, owners of media company Waystar Royco. The Roys are struggling to maintain the ownership of their company while the CEO and family patriarch, Logan Roy, suffers from a health crisis. 

Though I typically gravitate toward shows with plots similar to my life experiences, I’m willing to branch out for this show. I can’t remain the odd one out in my family group chat for much longer! 

All American 

I started All American in my senior year of high school, and like many other shows I binge, I forgot to restart it when the third season finally came out on Netflix. All American is a CW show based on the life of NFL player Spencer Paysinger. As such, it follows a high school football player named Spencer James from Compton. He’s a super talented player who’s recruited to play at Beverly High School in Beverly Hills, where he has to navigate a new school culture while also staying true to where he’s from. 

The show is a drama filled with romance, friendship, trauma, family relationships, conversations about race, and plenty of twists and turns. I binged two seasons of it within two weeks, so I’m sure I can fit the third season into winter break. (Though, I may need to watch some recap videos first!) 

Christmas Episodes of My Favorite Childhood Shows 

For me, Christmas is a time of nostalgia. No matter what happens, I always binge Christmas episodes of my favorite shows from my childhood because it brings me back to the excitement I felt for Christmas Day as a kid. My favorite shows to rewatch include iCarly, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Good Luck Charlie, Hannah Montana, and Phineas and Ferb. All of these series have great Christmas–themed episodes that I watched religiously as a kid, so I’ll definitely be taking a trip down memory lane over this break. 

With a newfound lack of responsibility over this break, I hope to binge at least one show. As busy college students, we deserve to rest and relax every so often. This winter, my resting will include spending a day in bed with coffee in hand, binging TV. I suggest you do the same. Happy binging and happy holidays! 

Katie is a Junior marketing major at U Penn. She likes listening to Taylor Swift, watching Netflix, and going to concerts.