The Ultimate Style Guide for This Festival Season

Wondering about the trendy outfits you’re going to wear for the upcoming festival season? Figuring out what clothes are in season can be tough. While the most hassle-free choice could be a cropped top and some shorts, it can also be the generic and popular option. For you to add your own personality to your style this festival season, here are some easy accessories:

  1. 1. Fanny Packs

    Music festival season is in the summer when it can be scorching hot and attendees will most likely be wearing clothes that provide nowhere to put their belongings. The easiest solution to this problem is a fanny pack. Easy and lightweight to wear, fanny packs provide an accessible place for you to carry your possessions.

  2. 2. Chunky Trainers

    For the most part, festival attendees will be walking around from one concert to another or just jumping up and down to the music. All the while, you will be on your feet. Sandals might seem like a good idea at the beginning, especially since the weather would be nice. However, by the end of the day, you will hate yourself. The solution: chunky trainers. Both comfortable and trendy — who can refuse them?

  3. 3. Headbands and Bobby Pins

    Headbands and bobby pins help dress up your hair in unique styles. Another bonus is it helps keep your hair in place as you sweat from walking and dancing.

  4. 4. Layered Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

    Don’t be afraid to opt for a never-dying trend, i.e. layered necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Together, they bring out more of a pop than any other accessory on this list. Jewelry can make any mono-toned outfit more lively.

  5. 5. Sunglasses

    A must-have for a day in the sun - especially since you will be watching artists perform with the sun shining down. This is also a great way to spice up your outfit.

  6. 6. Belts

    A little accessory for your waist. It brings out any person’s body shape by cinching in the waist and, like jewelry, can add a splash of color to your outfit.

  7. 7. Flash Tattoos

    Yet again, these tattoos will be the star of the show. Remember seeing those golden geometric designs on people’s arms as they attended music festivals? Well, here is your chance to actually try them yourself. In photos, they make you look beautiful and sparkling.