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Top 5 Products from Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is already established in the music industry, but now she’s also breaking barriers in a whole new realm: makeup. Rihanna herself is known for her daring, glamorous makeup looks. Her relatively new and successful makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, reflects her unique flair while also focusing on her inspiring mission of inclusivity with regards to makeup. Fenty Beauty was launched in September 2017 with its iconic foundation line.

Fenty Beauty’s reputation is largely built upon its shade inclusivity. In fact, this brand’s initial campaign was, and still remains, heavily devoted to producing makeup usable by everyone. If you’re keeping up with the beauty industry nowadays, you know that Fenty Beauty has come out with many more releases of amazing, unique, and trendy products. Rihanna’s line caters to a large audience while still going above and beyond the standard expectations of makeup products. Here is a list of my personal top five favorite products from Fenty.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow

This lip balm is truly revolutionary. Although the formula may look thick and overwhelming in the tube, it’s comfortable and easy to wear upon application. It’s not sticky, but instead hydrating and easy to wear. As the name suggests, this particular shade is flattering on a wide range of skin tones. It has a perfectly balanced mix of rosy and nude/mauve undertones that complement a variety of different complexions. Additionally, the bigger doe-foot applicator allows for easy application. The wear of this gloss is also very natural, so reapplication does not require a lot of effort or fuss.

 Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

This foundation is the perfect fit for any skin type – normal, combination, or oily. The liquid formula allows for easy application with a brush, beauty sponge, or even your fingers. It doesn’t dry down quickly, instead allowing some time to blend and buff, leaving a very natural, skin-like finish. In addition, the shade range is very impressive, once again showing the company’s diverse and inclusive shades.

The Pro Filt’r Foundation launched with 40 initial shades and expanded to 50 over the next few releases. This was one of the first foundations to truly cater to specific shades and focus on unique undertones, especially darker skin tones. Lastly, Fenty Beauty also branched out and released a hydrating version of this foundation as well.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Another shade-extensive product from the Pro Filt’r line is the Pro Filt’r Retouch Concealer. This concealer is a lightweight formula that doesn’t sacrifice pigment. It’s not only perfect for using under your eyes, but also for spot-concealing.

This particular formula is made to be used alongside either of the Pro Filt’r foundations. The shades were formulated with the existing foundations in mind, and each foundation shade has a corresponding concealer shade. This particular foundation-concealer pairing is an aspect of Fenty Beauty that I really appreciate and find very impressive. The attention to detail and convenience is something unique to the brand. 

Kilowatt Freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money / HU$TLA BABY

This highlighter duo includes two amazing-quality highlighters in one compact. The split-pan packaging makes for a convenient, portable method of having two multipurpose highlights when travelling. Aside from that, the innovation behind this product is having one minimal shade and another more dramatic shade. Mean Money is more of an everyday highlighter shade, while HU$STLA BABY packs more of a punch. They both have a peachy, champagne undertone. Mean Money has more of a sheen once it’s on the face, and HU$STLA BABY is more for the moments when you want to have a strong, blinding highlight. This duo is a very cost-effective way to incorporate different highlighter looks with one product. 

Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil

This is my personal favorite splurge item from this brand. The Diamond Bomb is a very unique product release. The concept of this highlighting veil is reminiscent of a combination of highlighter and body shimmer. This highlighter has no base shade —it’s pure glitter. But it isn’t the chunky, unflattering glitter you might first think. The formula is soft and buttery to the touch, but goes on like a glowing sheen. It truly creates a shimmering diamond veil effect. This product can also be used with a specific kabuki brush (that Fenty Beauty also sells), which helps to evenly buff the product onto areas of the body (like the shoulders and declaté). The Diamond Bomb is definitely not an everyday product for most, but if you’re looking to purchase a unique and functional product from Fenty, I would highly recommend swatching the Diamond Bomb the next time you are in a Sephora. 

These five Fenty Beauty products are some of my personal favorites, as well as trademark launches that I feel embody the brand’s mission and reputation very well. Fenty Beauty’s values and goals are truly inspiring, and I am always happy to support and recommend products that promote inclusivity without compromising quality. 

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