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The Top 5 Glossier Products You Need to Order ASAP!

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means...PRESENTS! My all-time favorite gift to give is Glossier products. Glossier is known for celebrating its customers' natural beauty: the company’s tagline is, “Beauty products inspired by real life.” The makeup is light and builds up easily, and it works for a wide range of skin tones and types. 

This list has products that are makeup staples and will work for literally everyone!

Balm Dotcom

I can’t think of any lip balm I love more than my Balm Dotcom! I am low-key embarrassed to admit this, but I have more than eight of these tubes right now (some of them are even repeats of the same scent), and that doesn’t even include the mystery trio I just bought  for the holidays…whoops! 

Some of the balms have stronger scents than others, and the tubes come in fun colors. I love the smell of coconuts, and all I can say is that the coconut Balm Dotcom smells just like a tropical beach!

The other amazing thing about Balm Dotcom lip balms is that Glossier describes them as a “universal skin salve” – when I get too much of the balm, I also use it to massage my cuticles, which is especially helpful during the winter. 

There are eight permanent flavors – Original, Rose, Birthday, Cherry, Mint, Coconut, Mango, Berry – and one limited edition flavor, Fig.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is essential if you just want a bit of shine on your lips. Sometimes, when I’m headed out, I don't want to get all made up, but Glossier lip gloss completes my outfit with a bit of sparkle.

What’s so incredible about this product is that the gloss isn’t sticky at all! The tube is very small, though, which could be a downside – however, I think that's what makes this product so amazing; it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my purse when I go out. 

Originally there were only three colors, but Glossier added another one for the holiday season. Now, you can choose from four amazing colors: clear, holographic, red, and limited edition gold!

Boy Brow

Boy Brow is an amazing product to enhance your natural beauty.  It works wonders by giving your eyebrows a soft, flexible hold with one easy swipe. Boy Brow doesn’t stiffen or flake on the eyebrows, which can make all the difference during a night out! 

While this product only comes in five colors (black, brown, auburn, blonde, and clear), it works on a variety of hair shades. Still, if none of the other colors works for you, the clear option works great to shape your eyebrows.

On their website, Glossier notes that Boy Brow is dermatologist-tested and free of fragrance and alcohol, which means it won’t irritate your skin! 

Lash Slick

Lash Slick is the perfect everyday black mascara. Glossier describes it as extensions without the extensions! It's water-resistant, but not waterproof, so it easily washes off with warm water. It also isn’t clumpy or sticky.

Glossier's Last Slick is a makeup essential that works on everyone and anyone – it’ll make an amazing present this holiday season! 

Pro Tip (Eyeliner)

Glossier is known for its buildable makeup, and the Pro Tip eyeliner is no exception. A common comment on this product is that it isn’t very pigmented, which is a blessing for those who struggle with applying eyeliner. As someone who isn’t that good at applying eyeliner, this product has completely changed by game! I no longer have to worry about my eyeliner looking very dark and wonky; when I make a mistake, it’s super easy to fix. 

One of the downsides of this product is that it only comes in the color black – hopefully Glossier will come up with new colors soon!

Hopefully, after reading this list, you’ll find at least one new product to purchase from Glossier immediately! Have fun shopping!

Zoe is a Junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, she is majoring in Cinema and Media Studies as well as minoring in English and Russian Studies. She hails from London, England, and has loved being a part of HerCampus. She has a younger sister, and two Havanese dogs (both of whom she misses very much). When she is not studying, she is the Vice President of Penn Sirens (Penn’s Premier all-female acapella group), a performing member of the Musical Theatre and Light Opera Company ‘Penn Singers’, a mentor for ASAP (After School Arts Program), and was selected as a student liaison between the Annenberg center and the students involved in the arts on campus. Find her on Instagram @z.goldstein
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