Sydney Hard

Name: Sydney hard

Year: 2017

Hometown: New York

Major: URBS

Relationship status: in an open relationship with Chris Pratt. it's kinda like a don't ask don't tell kinda situation? We're super comfortable with each other.

Best Quality: great masseuse. That's creepy but like, I'm really good.

Worst quality: really can't lift anything with my arms

Celeb Crush: well I can't say that... That'd be mean to Chris (Sam smith)

Describe the hook up culture at Penn in 3 words: handjobs are in

Favorite BYO: anything Asian ? Is that obvious

Favorite Drunk eating spot on campus: zestos. Fuck Allegros they have a geographical advantage

Sabiest place to study: didn't know what sabiest meant until JUST NOW.  But now that I am informed, it's saxbys hands down.

Advice to your freshman year self: just, don't

Fun Fact: I started designing sneakers my senior year in high school. My friend one day asked if I could doodle on her beat up vans (I doodle incessantly in class) i said sure, and then she asked me if I could do a Michigan pair!  Then the power of Instagram took over.... I do a pair a month usually.  Check em out! (@shoesbyshard).