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Spooky Baskets 101: What They Are & How to Make One for Your SO/BFF

It’s that time of the year again: spooky season is here! Twitter has adjusted accordingly, and spooky-baskets have been all over everybody’s timeline.

These cute, Halloween-themed gift baskets are great to show your appreciation for your significant other, BFF, or even yourself (SelfLove). Keep reading to see some items I recommend for making the perfect spooky-basket. Happy spooky season!

Halloween-Themed Basket

You’re going to need something to put all the goodies in, so a Halloween basket or bucket is essential. These can be found just about anywhere, from your local dollar store to Amazon. My personal favorites are Jack-O-Lantern buckets, but anything Halloween-themed will work. 


It’s not Halloween without candy. Customize your spooky basket with your SO’s or BFF’s favorite candies and snacks!

Anything and Everything Fluffy

How can anybody say no to a pair of fuzzy socks or a fluffy blanket? Matching fuzzy socks for all your friends or a throw blanket for cuddles works perfectly for these baskets. Target is the place to go to for inexpensive Halloween-themed fuzzy everything. 

Clothes & Accessories

These baskets are also the perfect opportunity to give a personalized gift to your SO or BFF! Maybe it’s the hoodie they have been eyeing, or a piece of jewelry with your or their name on it. For a more expensive basket, one can look into a new pair of everyday-sneakers (the new Air Force collection is incredible!) or cozy Uggs for the colder months coming up.

Miscellaneous Goodies

Now fill the rest of the basket with random goodies! There are just some things you can’t go wrong with: a reusable bottle, like a Hydroflask or Swell bottle for example, are essential for any  college student. For smaller basket-fillers, Bath & Body Works’ hand sanitizers (Pumpkin Donuts is highly recommended) or fall-colored nail polishes work well! To top it off, printing out a few pictures of you with your BFF or SO and throwing them in the basket makes it all the more special and personalized.

Sylvia Goldfond is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Cognitive Science major from Kearny, New Jersey. Her interests in women helping other women has led her to a platform for just that, Her Campus! You can most likely find her making a new Spotify playlist in a room with holiday lights on full-year or playing with her shitzu-poodle puppy named Lucky.
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