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Sahana Rao ’13

A smart, friendly, and bubbly environmental science major, Sahana Rao is a lovely girl to get to know. When she’s not busy with Penn Environmental Group events you can find her studying at the Penn Bookstore, most likely munching on some Twizzlers. Her kind smile and warm personality are only a few of her many great qualities, so read on to learn more!

Age: 19
Birthday: April 23, 1992 (Taurus)
Year: 2013
Major: Environmental Science?
Hometown: Palatine, Illinois?
Favorite City: Chicago
Languages: English, Spanish, Kannada, Telugu ?
Extracurriculars: Penn Eco-Rep, Academic Editor of The F WordMagazine, Penn Environmental Group

Summer plans: I am not sure yet, but I do plan on studying for the LSAT. Hopefully I will be in Chicago!
Favorite movie: Remember The Titans– I’m a huge football fan!
Favorite music: I listen to all kinds, but my first choice would be The Beatles.
Favorite book: My favorite comfort book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie dough.

Favorite study spot on campus: My first choice is Fisher Fine Arts, but the Penn Bookstore is starting to grow on me.
Favorite place to shop: Used bookstores!
Perfect first date: I’m big on movie nights. (Hint: my favorite movie snack is Twizzlers. I love them. I have a whole pack in my room right now).
What do you look for in a guy? I like nice guys and someone who’s not afraid to be silly.
How can a guy win you over? I’m not into clever pick-up lines or the whole scripted thing. I’m definitely interested in being friends first and then seeing if there is a connection.
Celebrity crush: Hmm… well if you put a gun to my head, I would have to say John Krasinski.
Best Penn memory: I have been to two Spring Flings so far. They have definitely been very memorable! Also, I once went to a karaoke bar in K-Town. My friends and I had so much fun singing all night.
Post-graduation plans: I want to go to law school and perhaps get involved in environmental policy issues.
Shout Out: Go Bears!

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