Roberta Rique C'18

Name: Roberta Rique


Year: Sophomore


Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Major: Double major in Communications and Cinema


What is UBlend?


UBlend is an app through which student run groups can advertise their events, GBM’s ad clubs. Students can choose to follow certain clubs that they are interested in, instead of being bombarded by Facebook events and emails. Some companies, such as McKinsey, are also part of the platform. They use the app to post recruitment and job opportunities.


How did you get involved in UBlend?


UBlend began with students in Oxford and was a huge success there. After winning lots of prizes in the UK, the founders decided to expand it to the US. They contacted a Yale student who is one of my sister’s best friends! When he contacted me to tell me about the app I saw huge potential in it and thought it could really work at Penn.


What are other things you’re involved with on campus?


I’m involved in theatre groups like Penn Players, I’m social chair of Wharton Latino. I’m also involved with Penn Brazil, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project and UTV.


What is your favorite spot on campus?


My favorite spot on campus this year would have to be Domus because I live there.