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Resort Trends This Spring: Tribal Prints to Neon Colors

As even the chilly Philadelphia weather gives way to warm breezes, people start wearing sunglasses once more and legs go bare off socks, everything signals spring. Well, the spring on the runway has been around for a while after the fashion weeks! This years resort and spring trends take us from tribal prints of Africa to neon colors and metallic of the space age. No matter where you are going to be this summer, these trends will follow you there.
1. Neon Colors and Color Blocking: Yellow and pink are coming hand in hand to rock this season. Pink has been around for a while since last summer, yet is now popping up in different in shades. Hot pink was designers’ favorite during fashion week. In addition, no matter where you are going to be this summer make sure you have a yellow item in your closet. This can either be a chic leather bag, sandals or even just a t-shirt. Just be sure to have yellow somewhere! If you are confident enough, try color-blocking with pink and orange. Yellow sooths down hot pink, and they make perfect match. Last but not least, orange handbags are the biggest trend of resort collections. It doesn’t have to be Hermes Birkin, but definitely own one that won’t crash your budget.


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2. Statement Jewelry: The more colorful, the better. Go as bold as you can with this trend. There are no limits! The best places for colorful statement necklaces with a classic twist are J.Crew and Banana Republic. On campus, try Bonded Boutique; they have some cool styles as well.

3. Metallic Shoes: J.Lo rocked this trend in her recent concerts with metallic heels, followed by Beyonce and many others. They are not just for the stage now it’s your turn! Make sure you own metallic pumps, or if you are more of  the comfy type, go for flat sandals at least to match with cute skirts and white tops this summer.


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4. Tribal Prints: We had them around during winter, too, yet they are ready to make a totally different appearance once you are tan. My favorite are tribal print skirts with slouchy cotton tops.

5. Maxi Skirts: These are totally new! Although we’ve seen them at American Apparel for the last couple of seasons, I can’t say they’ve really been in. Yet this season these skirts are confident enough to replace your jean shorts. Beware! They are coming to conquer your closet in every color, print and material.

6. Jewel Tone Jeans: From indigo blue to Russian red and emerald green to amethyst purple, there is a color to match for every skin tone. Don’t forget to own at least one of these colors this spring season. And let them shine out!

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