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Quirky, Must–Try Beauty Products to Spice Up Your Routine

If you’re looking for new products to try out or you need to get a gift for a loved one’s special day, look no further. Nowadays, there are so many beauty products on the market, it can be hard to find what’s right for you. Personally, I’m always in search of new items to add to my growing beauty collection. 

This list of must–try beauty products ranges from skincare to nail care to makeup and everything in between! The best part is that all of these products are affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank in order to look cute. Who knows, you might end up with a new favorite beauty product! 

A gua sha stone

This one’s for the skincare enthusiasts out there! Gua sha, which comes from Chinese medicine, is the practice of using a rose quartz or jade tool to relieve tension in the face by applying slight pressure. Though this ancient Chinese practice may initially cause slight bruising and redness, the muscles in your face will thank you later! Besides brightening facial complexion and relieving muscle pain, gua sha can help with migraines, headaches, neck pain, and perimenopausal syndrome. 

A wearable nail polish bottle holder

Calling all nail–lovers! If you paint your nails often, this is the product for you. It can be difficult or annoying to go back and forth between your nail and the nail polish bottle, but this wearable nail polish holder eliminates the problem. This is obviously not the most fancy–looking product, but for under ten bucks, it gets the job done! 

Color–changing lipsticks

Have you ever wanted to try color–changing lipsticks? This mini set from Lipstick Queen transforms from yellow into a flattering watermelon color, emerald green into rosebud pink, and navy blue into blueberry mauve. Get out of your comfort zone and give this set a try!

A vibrating makeup brush

The bristles on these vibrating makeup brushes from Michael Todd Beauty move at a speed of over 400 vibrations per second, giving your foundation an airbrushed finish. The Sonicblend is the first antimicrobial makeup brush that uses sonic power to blend any makeup to flawless finish. If you’re tired of regular makeup brushes, this may be the product for you!

Cleansing foam (that dispenses in a fun rose shape!)

If you want to spice up your skincare routine, check out this cleansing foam from Kanebo Evita Beauty—each pump comes out as a perfect foam rose! The formula is like many other facial cleansers on the market, focusing on cleaning and softening the skin, but the product dispensal is cleverly designed to make your routine an exciting experience! 

A magnetized mask

Clay and sheet face masks have been all the rage recently, but have you ever tried a magnetized mask? This one from Dr. Brandt Skincare helps counteract the signs of aging due to stress, all while enhancing your skin for a younger, more radiant look. 

The good news is that it’s targeted towards all skin types—oily, dry, normal, and other combinations. Just spread a thin layer of the product over your face, wrap the magnet in a tissue, and glide over the skin until the face mask is completely removed. 

Sphynx portable razors 

These all–in–one portable razors by Sphinx are designed for hassle–free hair removal anytime. They combine three functions in one convenient product: a refillable spray bottle to wet the area being shaved, a moisturizing pre–shave bar, and two razor blades. If you find yourself missing spots while you’re shaving on–the–go, be sure to check this razor out! 

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