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Penn Fashion Collective Models III

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

Isabella Rahm, CAS ’17
Major: Undeclared
Relationship Status: Single

Rosa Escandon, CAS ’15
Major: History and Criminology
Relationship Status: Single (mingling implied) 

Nicole Alyssa Cone, CAS ’14
Major: Communications
Relationship Status: Single

Previous modeling experience?
Isabella: Catwalk in “The Benefits of Fashion” fundraiser in New Delhi, India
Rosa: I had a lot of photographer friends, so I would every once [in] awhile be someone’s model for a project or just for fun. I also modeled for an upscale apron line my aunt runs. So I guess here and there, but I wouldn’t call myself a model, I am very much not a model.
Nicole: None! So excited to try it for the first time.

How do you maintain your “model-esque” figure?
Isabella: I love to run and stay active by playing sports.
Rosa: Sitar? I try hard never to worry about my weight or figure. I am a big proponent of all women are beautiful in their own way. (Insert cheesy Monroe quote here), but in all seriousness, I think people worry way too much about body and not enough about personality. I would love to say I am healthy, not skinny, but like I eat way too much fried chicken to pretend I am healthy.
Nicole: Running around Penn 24/7 pretty much.

Who is your fashion icon?
Isabella: Ashley Madekwe
Rosa: Jane Russel in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. I really wish that people still wore evening gowns to dinner. I own way too many pairs of sweatpants to be her, but a girl can dream.
Nicole: I’ve never thought about it. But I love when people have a unique sense of style.

What’s the most-time consuming aspect of your life at Penn?
Isabella: I am part of the Women’s Golf Team at Penn and during our season it is my most time-consuming aspect, as I practice five days per week.
Rosa: I have two jobs, so that is always a time consumer. I love keeping busy though, I have been writing a lot too. I write for both Bloomers and 34th Street Magazine, so I am usually typing something. Also it is starting to be my favorite time of the year: Vagina Monologues promotion season, so look for me dressed as a giant Vagina yelling about consent in public.
Nicole: Definitely all my extracurriculars. I am [the] current president of African American Arts Alliance, a theater group on campus, and membership co-chair of Onyx Senior Honor Society. I love every second of it though! Also shout out to Friars Senior Society!

What’s the best pick-up line?
Isabella: In the movie Burlesque—
“…And I get to keep the second best view in L.A.” –Marcus
“What’s the first?” –Ali
Rosa: *Touch a man’s shirt* I love this shirt, what is this made of? Boyfriend material? (Pro tip: This also works for girlfriend material.)
Nicole: Just come talk to me, I’m pretty friendly

Who is your celebrity crush?
Isabella: Chace Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, Stephen Amell
Rosa: [I’m a] Joey Fatone of NSYNC fan. I am not really kidding. Him or Margret Cho.
Nicole: Zac Efron

Describe yourself in three words.
Isabella: Independent, outgoing, active
Rosa: Funny, tall, social
Nicole: Caring, encouraging, and fun

Describe your ideal date in three words.
Isabella: Adventurous, fun, romantic
Rosa: Date like a person or an event? I chose person because good company is always more important to me than what we are doing. I love funny people, but this has been way over 3 words.
Nicole: Unique, fun and (most importantly) food!

Who would play your gorgeous self in a movie?
Isabella: Blake Lively
Rosa: Jason Segel in drag
Nicole: People have told me I look like Keke Palmer so maybe her?

What’s your go-to post-show indulgence?
Isabella: Ice cream
Rosa: Peanut butter and nutella. In any form. And any way.
Nicole: French fries (yum!)

Former editor-in-chief of Her Campus UPenn