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Nailpolish Trends Right at Your Fingertips

This season’s nails pop with color. From metallic gold to Russian red, or neon blue to mandarin orange, our hands mirror the fashion trends of neon, color-blocking, and even sparkle.  There is no color of the rainbow that you cannot find on nails. Here is a roundup of the trendiest polishes that you can buy near Penn.

Best Blue: The most popular colors these days are blue and its rich shades. At Urban Outfitters, the pastel shades immediately draw attention. There, a blue-violet color named Crowded,  from the store’s own polish brand, has won my heart.
Best Oddball: Even though American Apparel says bright red and gold are their most popular colors (after all, it is the holiday season), my favorite was their drab olive color, Hunter. I haven’t seen this kind of a green anywhere else.
Best Metallic:  I have to give credit to American Apparel’s metallic line as well, especially their Gold Flash. This has both glitter and sparkles, and the small metallic bottle is enough by itself to get you in the holiday mood this season. Their applications are really easy as well, because of the smooth consistency of the polish.
Best Crackle: It would be rude not mention this year’s new big nail trend: polish that cracks. This look is a bit too much for me. But, if I had to choose, I would paint a black lacquer on the bottom with gold or silver crack on top. The award goes to Sally Hansen Crackle in this category, which is much easier to find near campus at CVS than the OPI Shatter.
Best Classics: If you say that trends aren’t for you and instead wish to stay classic, then bright red lends a vintage feel this season. I would recommend Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red, which protects your nails against chipping. For a bare nail effect, or a pretty pink to use everyday, the Satin color from Sally Hansen’s new line Smooth and Perfect would be my top choice. If you like it dark, yet not too edgy, I would highly recommend Loreal’s Mystery. You can find this perfect combination of black, smoky grey and dark green with a touch of glitter, along with my other favorite classics, easily at CVS.
Best DIY Mani: If you’re too busy with exams to schedule a manicure or wish to save money but still have pristine fingertips, then Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips is the creation for you. These stick-ons are incredibly easy to apply. They’re very thin, so they look natural, but you don’t even have to wait for them to dry. The best thing about them: the variety of shades and patterns, from lace to leopard.
Best Topcoat: My last advice for you would be using a top coat on top of your shade, to protect the nail color, make it last longer and look sleeker. My number one here is Sally Hansen’s NailShine Miracle. It keeps your manicure fresh for up to a week.

Photography by Ege Ozyegin

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