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Mitchell King ’15

This week’s Her Campus UPenn campus cutie is an athlete with a big heart. When he’s not at football practice, Mitchell King is probably catching up on House episodes or listening to Sublime. Keep reading to find out more about this 6’6 Quaker who loves relaxing on the beach.

Age: 19
Birthday: September 16, 1992
Year: 2015
Speaks: English and Spanish
Major: Undecided, but considering PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
Relationship status: Single
Hometown: Essex, Connecticut
Extracurriculars: Football. I would also love to get involved in musical groups but I don’t have the time.

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Most time-consuming aspect of your life at Penn? Football — being a full-time student athlete is crazy, especially in season.

Weekend plans: Getting together with the guys and some kids on my hall, partying with my friends, just taking a break from everything else.

Perfect spring break: The Caribbean. I’m definitely a beach guy. I like to be by the beautiful pristine ocean and just waste the day away.

Favorite sport: Football (obviously) or basketball. I played basketball my whole life but if it came down to choosing, I would have to pick football.

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Favorite music: I’m definitely a big fan of hip-hop, and also reggae-type music like the band Sublime.

Favorite TV shows: My favorite TV shows are House, Dexter, and Prison Break. I’m addicted to all three.

Dog person or cat person: Dog person.

Favorite food: I love all sorts of food, especially a really good cheeseburger.

Favorite restaurant: Cheesecake factory.

What is the first thing you notice about a girl? Her smile, and her face in general.

What do you find most appealing about girls at Penn? I like that I can actually sit down and have an intelligent conversation with them. Conversation usually comes naturally. They’re generally more accepting and cultured than other girls.

Perfect first date: Something traditional. I like to go out to a nice dinner or a movie, and if it’s nice out maybe we can go for a walk. Nothing too serious, just something where we can talk and get to know each other.

What do you look for in a girl? Someone I can be comfortable around. I want to be able to sit down and relax and not pretend to be someone I’m not. I like someone who takes care of themselves and definitely someone who is super, super caring. If I’m in a relationship I want to feel as important as I try to make her feel.

Do you believe in soul mates? I’d like to. I love the idea. I believe that there’s someone out there for everyone. How and when we meet, I have no idea, but I’d like to think that there’s someone out there that’s perfect for me.

Does true love last forever? I think so, yeah.
Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first sight but I’m not necessarily sure about love. Love is a deeper commitment and you can’t really love somebody without knowing them.

Favorite pick-up line: Not that I use them but… “Hey, I heard you lost your number…but you can have mine.” Or writing your number on a napkin, and then telling the person they dropped it.

Celebrity Crush: Scarlett Johansson.

Favorite quote: My dad used to say this to me all the time: “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” It’s by Patches O’Houlihan from Dodgeball, one of my favorite movies.

Penn bucket list: Meet or speak with someone famous, win an Ivy League football championship, and most importantly figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life.

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