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It’s safe to say that we’ll be wearing masks for a while, so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks for a “mask-proof” makeup look. A short disclaimer: ever since we’ve started wearing masks, I’ve rarely applied makeup. However, when I do, I like to go for a pretty natural look; I love to do a light base and accentuate my features. 

Regardless of whether I plan to wear makeup or not, it’s always important to prep your skin. I like to apply a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer before starting my makeup. Also, it’s so important to wear SPF, even at this time of year! Sunscreen is a key step in keeping your skin looking healthy and bright. 

After my skin is prepped, I like to go in with a tinted moisturizer. I switch between two: the Chanel CC Cream and the Covergirl Skin Milk. Both are very light but still provide enough coverage to even out my skin. Personally, my main concerns for my own skin are hyperpigmentation and redness, and both of these formulas are super effective for smoothing my complexion. I love this type of base because it’s very comfortable, even under a mask. Also, lighter formulas seamlessly blend into the skin, and they wear nicely throughout the day. They also fade naturally, so you’re never left with a patchy face. 

Another trick I use to make my base last longer under a mask is dusting my t-zone with a thin layer of powder to set my foundation. I like to use the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder or the Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder, along with a small powder brush. I pat the powder into the areas on my face where my foundation fades away the quickest. Especially now, when we’re constantly taking our masks on and off, it’s important to set your base to help it wear longer. I don’t like to set my entire face, though, because I want to keep some of the glow, especially on my cheeks. 

That’s usually all I do for my face makeup; sometimes, I might throw on some liquid blush if I’m feeling like my complexion is a little dull. I choose mostly cream and liquid products because they tend to transfer less once they dry down, which is essential when you’re wearing masks. Other than that, I’m done with my face coverage!

After doing my face, I move on to what I think is the most important part of the makeup look: the eyes. When I do makeup nowadays, I like to focus on the eyes, because that’s really all anyone can see. However, I still keep it simple; most days, I’ll just use a base color on my entire lid and then sweep a shimmer color in the center of my lid. 

Next, I’ll finish the look with a little winged eyeliner. I like to use a brown liner; it lends a softer look to an everyday look than black eyeliner does. Finally, I’ll curl my lashes, put on a coat of mascara, and then I’m good to go! I’ll usually leave my lips bare or just use some lip balm, because, again, who’s gonna see? Also, any lip color would transfer onto the mask – not cute. 

That wraps up my simple, everyday makeup routine: mask-proofed. Although I don’t wear this all the time, it’s perfect for any occasion that requires a more put-together look. I’ve been taking this time to focus more on my skincare routine so that I can improve my complexion at a deeper level; however, this simple makeup look works wonders in a pinch. 

Minjee Cho

U Penn '23

Minjee is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying biology. She is from Malvern, Pennsylvania and loves running, cooking, and makeup. She is also very passionate about journalism and women's empowerment.
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