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Letter From the Editor: Welcome Back!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Her Campus @ UPenn for Spring 2022! We’re really excited to be back, and our writers are teeming with ideas. For starters, keep an eye out for articles about Black History Month during our launch week (starting today!), covering everything from the history of this critically important month to an overview of Zendaya’s groundbreaking achievements.

While getting this semester rolling, I really got to reflect that it was my last semester as an undergraduate, and therefore as Senior Editor for Penn’s chapter of Her Campus. Being the editor for this amazing club has been one of the best parts of my college experience, and as I move forward, I’m going to be taking the skills and experiences of this organization with me.

I remember when I joined Her Campus. Our Editor–in–Chief (and one of my closest friends!), Melody Kulaprathazhe, started Penn’s chapter from scratch and asked me to apply. That one conversation changed my life, and I hope we both make the most of this final semester running this club.

As I apply for jobs and try to face the looming and uncertain future that awaits after graduation, I know I’ll have Her Campus to fall back on — and that’s the most important takeaway I’ve learned from being a part of this wonderful organization.

Let’s keep our eyes on this upcoming semester and all the opportunities it brings us!

As always, please contact us if you want to comment on our pieces or be published as a guest contributor. Additionally, if you’re a Penn student interested in joining HC, let us know as we are currently accepting applications!

Happy reading!

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Harshita Gupta

Her Campus @ UPenn Senior Editor

Harshita is an English major and Pre-Med attending her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania. She loves musicals, good food, and long naps! She is inspired by all the women at Her Campus and is delighted to be serving as Senior Editor for Her Campus @ Penn!