Lauren Anders

Name: Lauren Anders (But a lot of people call me Landers)

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Relationship Status: TBD

Major: I am in Wharton and am currently undecided, but I am considering Business Analytics. I’m also in the Wharton PPI Public Policy Research Scholars Program and pursuing a Hispanic Studies minor.

Fun fact about yourself: I am a huge government nerd. As someone who loves to travel, I am currently trying to visit the capitol building of each state (I’m over halfway there!). I can also say all of the presidents’ names in less than 11 seconds.

Favorite spot to eat on campus: Copa, Beefsteak, or Bridge Café. Still unclear why the price of omelets went up 50 cents this year though.

Current five fave song recommendations: Phoenix by Laura Doggett, Alaska by Maggie Rogers, Cool Blue by the Japanese House, Holiest by Glass Animals, Slip by Elliot Moss

Favorite event at Penn: SPRING FLING

Advice for freshman year self: Sleep more. Seriously.

What is it like to be a cohort leader at Wharton? 

I love having the opportunity to meet sixty freshmen and introduce them to Wharton and Penn. Hosting events for the cohort is super fun, but the best part about being a cohort leader is watching the freshmen find their niche at Penn. I enjoy giving advice about classes/clubs/Greek life/etc., but I mostly just enjoy getting to know everyone in my cohort. The sense of community within the cohort – and between the cohort leaders – fosters an amazing, inclusive environment at a school that may otherwise seem competitive. It’s great to get to know so many awesome people at Penn, and of course, to make a lot of close friends along the way.