Kelsey Gliva, Wharton Women President

Name: Kelsey Gliva

Year: 2015

Hometown: Royersford, PA

Concentration: Marketing and Management

Her Campus: What activities are you involved with on campus?

Kelsey Gliva: I am the President of Wharton Women. I’m also a Management 100 TA on the Executive Board, a Management 240 TA, and a member of Sigma Kappa.

HC: What is Wharton Women?

KG: Wharton Women is the largest club at Wharton. Our mission is to empower women who are interested in entering the business world and to support them through career development. Wharton Women is open to women of all different majors, and we currently have over thirty corporate sponsors. We help girls explore career paths, we host philanthropy events, and we have a range of social events to help women form important bonds in college.

HC: How did you become involved in Wharton Women?

KG: I joined the club at the start of my freshman year. I had never been in a place where women were so supported and eager to lift each other up. When I joined Wharton Women, I noticed the supportive culture and the culture of empowerment, and I knew I wanted to get involved with it in a big way. I’m also really passionate about gender equality, and a lot of people have been speaking about the topic (from Sheryl Sandberg to Beyonce). I’m eager to join the conversation.

HC: What is your favorite part about being the President of Wharton Women?

KG: Besides connecting to so many impressive women at Penn, I love having the opportunity to influence and grow with the organization. This year, we’ve really focused on introducing new and innovative events that display a diversity of industries: from investment banking to retail, marketing, and tech. I love the feeling of pride I inevitably receive after one of our events has gone extremely well. To know how hard our club leaders work and to see our members excited and engaged in our events is incredibly fulfilling. If you haven’t attended a Wharton Women event before, put it on your to-do list before you graduate!

HC: How can people become involved?

KG: It’s really easy! To become a member, just join our list serve. Find us on Facebook for more information!