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Hot Ticket: She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

I think we’d like to think we’re a pretty unique campus in that the vast majority of us are not ashamed to treat Locust Walk like a high fashion runway.  If we got enough sleep, chances are we’re strutting to class fully dressed in our newest boots and chunky sweaters.

Then there’s Anna Schwartz: she doesn’t even go here, and she does it, too. No, she’s not just some random I found lurking around – she’s here visiting from Canada! As a senior in high school who’s honestly just here for kicks, Anna owned this campus, and was gossiping about A-Gut and frat reputations as if she actually knew what any of it meant.  Go her.

What else makes this girl a rockstar? The way she dresses! As proven by her fun Tory Burch Amanda crossbody bag ($435, eegads!) she’s got serious style.  Anyone who can pull off red as a neutral deserves serious recognition in my book.  Also, a willingness to wear red just further emphasizes her Penn-ness.

Proof that red’s a neutral? Sure.  She looks amazing while wearing a red bag over a gray and pink leopard print thermal from Urban Outfitters that she got forever ago. Price was probably somewhere around $40, and it’s her favorite shirt.  Very versatile, it goes with everything from jeans to fur vests and tutus (yes, that happened).  We’re shocked and impressed by her fabulous taste, and maybe finally realized that our Penn fashion culture isn’t that different from everywhere else.

Regardless, keep working Locust like you’re Kate Moss and rock the red (and blue) in subtle ways.  If Anna can, then we can, too! Check out these shopping links to get yourself a dose of the new neutral – you won’t regret it.
Red Bags: Not just for Canada! – Ecote Tassel Crossbody bag, $29.00 via Urban Outfitters
Hurrah, Hurrah! – Striped Canvas Carry-All, $72.00 via American Apparel
Proper Penn Lady – Structured Faux Crocodile Crossbody in Red, $15.80 via Forever 21

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