Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Most Important People in Your Life

With Halloween and Thanksgiving out of the way, most people have shifted gears into full holiday mode: Starbucks has started playing Christmas music, retail stores have started stocking festive items, and the world seems to have gained a little bit more holiday cheer. However, with this newfound holiday spirit comes the stress of purchasing the perfect gifts. This gift guide lists some timeless, pleasing gift ideas for all of the important people in your life.

  1. 1. The mom in your life

    A new pair of slippers:

    With all the stress parents go through while preparing for the holiday season, there’s nothing better than receiving a nice pair of comfortable slippers. Considering all the cooking, shopping, decorating, and hosting that goes into this time of the year, sometimes it's nice to give your feet a much needed rest. 

    Framed family photographs: 

    Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t the conventional, materialistic items we associate with the holiday season. Most moms just want to see their family laughing, smiling, and enjoying time spent together. There are many different printing services to get your favorite pictures enlarged, printed, and mailed to you. Add a nice frame, and you’ve created a precious gift that your mom will likely value forever. 

  2. 2. The dad in your life

    A new cooking appliance:

    Depending on what your dad likes to use and make, gifting him a new cooking appliance could be a great gift this holiday season. Whether it be a new blender for the fitness-centered father or a set of barbecue tools for the grill lover, you are bound to make someone very happy  with this gift.


    As trivial as socks seem, in my experience, dads are always losing track and/or ripping holes in them. Therefore, gifting a new pair of socks could serve as an inexpensive way to give your dad something he probably really needs; you can also find very fun novelty socks that fit your dad’s interests. Whether you opt for a single pair as a stocking stuffer or a large set, these gifts will undoubtedly be put to great use. 

  3. 3. Siblings

    Plan a fun activity together:

    Sometimes an activity is much more memorable than a physical gift, especially if you’re away at school during the fall. It’s valuable to do something with your sibling(s) in order to catch up and have fun together. This could be anything from going out to eat together, going to see a movie, going to a concert, etc. 

    A subscription to Disney Plus:

    Depending on the age and interest of your sibling(s), a subscription to Disney Plus could be a hot commodity this holiday season. As an added plus, you’ll probably get to use the account too!

  4. 4. Significant others

    College apparel from your school:

    If your significant other isn’t with you at school, giving them an article of clothing or customized college memento allows them to keep a piece of you with them when you say your goodbyes. A cozy pair of sweatpants or a fluffy sweatshirt will keep them warm and thinking of you all winter long. 

    Plan a date night:

    Just as with your siblings, sometimes the most valuable gift is a great experience together. If you live near a city, try venturing in for a fancy dinner or a holiday light show. If you’re an adventurous, outdoorsy couple, maybe plan a hike and picnic on a day when the weather isn’t completely unbearable.

  5. 5. Best friends

    Spa kit:

    There’s nothing better than a relaxing trip to the spa, especially if you’re with your best friend. Getting facials or massages together can serve as a way to unwind and spend time together. If that’s out of your budget, you can put together a lovely spa gift basket. Just get a gift bag, throw in some bath bombs, body scrubs, shampoo bars, and body lotions (I personally love Lush products)! If you want to add some extra accessories, I would suggest a loofah and some face masks


    A nice piece of jewelry is a classic, timeless gift your best friend can wear forever. Your best friend would likely appreciate a piece of jewelry, especially with all of the holiday parties just around the corner. A simple piece can add class to an outfit, while a statement piece serves more as a center of attention. I love Bauble Bar for relatively inexpensive yet stunning items. They also sell jewelry gift sets, where they bundle multiple items together for a great price.