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Young white woman, Tara Teipel, wearing a red top and sitting on a white bench.
Young white woman, Tara Teipel, wearing a red top and sitting on a white bench.
Photo by Tara Teipel
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Her Campus Cutie: Tara Teipel, N’23

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

Welcome back to Her Campus Cutie! To celebrate Women’s History Month, our March series will center around influential, female–identifying leaders in our community. Today, the spotlight is on Tara Teipel:

Tara Teipel is a sophomore (Class of ‘23) from Pittstown, NJ enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Penn. She’s the President of Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH), the Peer Advising Co–Chair for Student Nurses at Penn, and the Co–Social Chair for the Penn Club Swim Team! 

Pronouns: She/Her

Birthday: October 13th, 2000 

How you’re celebrating Women’s History Month: Spending time with my inspirational friends and family who are women, and striving to be the best I can be!

Extracurriculars: Penn Club Swim team, Alpha Phi Fraternity, PERIOD@Penn 

Hobbies: Going on long walks around campus or exploring Philadelphia

Fav place on campus: High rise field

Apple Music or Spotify: Spotify all the way!

Corner piece or center piece of cake: Corner

Fav ice cream flavor: dairy–free chocolate chip cookie dough

Show(s) you’re binging: Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother

Most memorable experience at Penn so far: Meeting my amazing hallmates freshman year and still being close with them today!

A lesson you learned in college: Grow your passions and never be embarrassed to talk about them, and surround yourself with people who also are excited to share their interests or projects.

What’s on your bucket list: Going to Spring Fling!

Best self–care tip: Take a step back when you feel overwhelmed, and try to focus on other things.


Mary is a junior majoring in Science, Technology & Society with a minor in Consumer Psychology. She is on the Penn Women's Golf Team and is passionate about storytelling and health & wellness. Her favorite writers include Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, and Malcolm Gladwell. When she isn't studying or golfing, Mary enjoys listening to music + podcasts, watching TV with her family & friends, and practicing yoga.