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Dylan Hewitt ’14


Name: Dylan Hewitt

Age: 22

School and Year: College of Arts and Sciences, Fels Institute of Government (2014)

Major: Communication and Public Service, Master of Public Administration

Hometown: South Glens Falls, NY

Speaks (languages): English

Extracurriculars: Penn Monologues (Producer), Phi Kappa Psi (former Rush Chair), One in Four (former VP), Penn Democrats (former VP), and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP)

Relationship Status: Single

Describe your three best physical traits: My smile, beard, and soft hands

Describe the best aspect of your personality: I’m one of the most optimistic people you’ll meet.

What are some things on your bucket list? Meet Hillary Clinton and work to elect her President

How would people describe you: Open-minded, passionate, and committed

Describe your ideal significant other: Someone who has a big heart, a good sense of humor, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Somewhere dedicating myself to the less fortunate and helping them reach their God-given potential. 

What is one of your secret feminine habits? Why do my feminine habits have to be secret? Down with the patriarchy. (That being said, I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars.)

Your best pick-up line: “When I’m around you, I just can’t think straight.”

Favorite musicians: Bon Iver, the Civil Wars, Lauryn Hill, Sia, and Kelly Clarkson

Favorite food: Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby

Celebrity crush: Jeremy Pincus

Ideal date: A night in bed watching something on Netflix, with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (one for each of us).

Plans for the summer: Staying at Penn to finish the last few classes of my MPA.

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