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A Collegiette’s Guide to Philly’s BYO Restaurants

Whether its for a “lin din,” a first date, a freshman hall reunion, or just to let loose, BYOs are an essential part of Philadelphia college culture. With so many great options to choose from, Her Campus UPenn has put together a list of some of the student favorites to help you out for your next special event.
Best for Brunch: Sabrina’s Cafe

Sure, you can get brunch all day from iHop or a diner, but with choices like stuffed French toast, sweet potato fries, and a breakfast burrito, why wouldn’t you go to Sabrina’s Café at 9th and Christian (they also have a Fairmount location and one near Drexel)?! Although Sabrina’s is normally crowded and the food can be pricey for a college student, but the big portions of delicious food are surely worth it. Bring champagne to make some mimosas and cure that hangover.
Best Buffet: Sitar India

Sitar India at 38th and Chestnut serves great food for an affordable price. For $11.95, you can treat yourself to a tasty buffet and unlimited mango juice. With such a casual atmosphere, this BYO is great for large groups and adventurous eaters.
Most Convenient: Beijing

Especially for freshman, going to a BYO doesn’t get any easier than going to Beijing at 38th and Spruce. Half a block from the quad, no freshman experience is complete without at least one BYO at Beijing for their mediocre Chinese food.
Best Food for a Date: Matyson

Although it ranges more on the expensive side, Matyson, at 37 S 19th St., is the perfect place for a classy date. The restaurant serves modern American food in a cozy atmosphere. With delicious dishes ranging from sautéed red snapper to chili rubbed pork chops, your date is sure to find something phenomenal to nibble on.
Best Overall Experience: Marrakesh

Marrakesh, at 517 S Leithgow St., is not just a meal; it is an experience. For about $30 a person, guests are treated to a delicious seven course, authentic Moroccon family-style meal — with no silverware! Once you knock on the hidden entrance to Marrakesh, surround yourself with their colorful tapestries and cushioned lounges, wash your hands in rose-water, and dance with the belly dancer, you’ll never want to go anywhere else again.

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