College Fashionista Showcases Fashionable Penn Students

College fashionistas and fashionistos, get ready to don your new heels, put on the blazer, and strut down Locust, because has come to UPenn! The fashion blog features students from across the nation, showing what they wear, what the current trends are, and how to achieve similar looks. Over 180 colleges are currently featured on their website, and the University of Pennsylvania’s section has just been relaunched this semester.

Currently, Penn has three “style gurus” on campus that each contribute weekly articles to their specialized columns. The three gurus scour Penn’s campus with cameras, taking pictures of Penn’s most fashionable students, and sharing their looks with you. Alexandria Cianciulli releases a Thursday column titled, “All About Beauty,” in which she discusses different types of beauty tips ranging from how to dye your hair to how to do your makeup. I, Monika Haebich, post one article every Monday, giving you the latest style advice of the week. Every Wednesday, Grace Guan releases an article that features an interview with one of Penn’s most voguish Fashionistas or Fashionistos. The Style Guru told Her Campus, “Being a Style Guru for College Fashionista is the ultimate job to have. It's basically an excuse for me, as a fashion lover, to approach any and every well-dressed student on campus and discover his/her style inspiration. I write every Wednesday for ‘Fashionista/Fashionisto of the Week.’”
Make sure you’re on the lookout for all of Penn’s latest fashion updates at And remember to always dress your best; you never know when one of Penn’s Style Gurus will cross your path.