Christmas Spirit!

So Thanksgiving is over, it’s finally time for Christmas! Yes, this sentence did not need an exclamation point I am just really excited for this holiday, which is obviously my favorite one. Christmas Spirit is slowly taking over Philly and I couldn’t be happier.

            My journey to Christmas has a couple of stages. The first stage was actually passed two weeks ago, I was grocery shopping in Frogro when I saw a small shelf with candy canes on it and I directly grabbed a pack to start decorating my living room with it. The second stage is getting a free three-month trial for iTunes Radio just to have access to the Holiday Playlist and blast it every morning while I get ready for my 9am class. The third step is to officially decorate the apartment with my roommate. We once sent one hour trying to put some lights up on the window while trying to get them to hold with some tape and some blue tag. We also got a small tree that we are setting up and are planning to get some stockings. The fourth and last stage is the hardest one: trying to find an (appropriate) advent calendar. My roommate beat me to it when she ordered one over a month ago (!!) from L’Occitane, a calendar filled with hand creams and scented stuff. I am currently still looking into some beauty calendar and debating if I should just get a Kinder Chocolate one like I did last year.

            What I love about Christmas is that it just put a happy mood around and makes everyone feel like kids all over again.

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