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Britt Gates-Kayyem, Editor-in-Chief of HC UPenn

Our next two featured Her Campus Celebritites will be none other than our very own new Editors-in-Chief! Read on for more information about HC UPenn’s lovely leaders and how you can get involved with our chapter.

Year: 2016

Major: Visual Studies (minoring in Creative Writing)

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Fun Fact: I am one of 6 children!

Other campus involvement: Member of Alpha Chi Omega

When did you first get involved with Her Campus?

My freshman year

What other Her Campus positions did you hold before becoming Editor-in-Chief?

I was a blog writer, then an editor, then a managing editor

What is your favorite part about Her Campus?

Her Campus is a great way for collegiate women to communicate and help each other out!

What do you like about being Editor?

I really enjoy helping expand Penn’s chapter and being a part of something that unifies the female population at Penn.

What is unique about Her Campus vs. other campus publilcations?

I think Her Campus is unique from other campus publications because the majority of its audience is female and because it provides a fun outlet and environment for Penn students to get advice, look up Penn events, read opinion pieces, learn something new, and meet/learn about amazing men and women around Penn’s campus!


Find Her Campus UPenn on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (@hercampusupenn)!

If you are interested in getting involved with our Her Campus chapter, send an email to our editors, Britt and Madeline, at [email protected] and [email protected].



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