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As winter becomes spring, we’re witnessing the anniversary of a full year of the global pandemic. Beauty and the way we express ourselves have changed drastically over the course of the pandemic. The trends from spring 2020—gloss–covered lips and complex eyeshadow looks—gave way to bare lips underneath masks and Zoom–ready natural makeup. However, spring 2021 marks a new age of warmth and color. Winter is over, and here come long and sunny days, filled with brightness and vibrancy. Here are what experts are saying about upcoming beauty trends for spring. 


We start with the eyes; after all, they’re the windows to the soul. Because masks are still necessary for safe practices, even when it comes to fashion, someone’s eyes are the first things a passerby would notice. 

Experts at Harper’s Bazaar recommend looking out for eye looks with joyful pops of color, including pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. Cosmopolitan agrees, stating that “this year’s spring makeup trends are all about color.” 

Gone are the days of gray smokey eyes. Instead, Cosmopolitan suggests going bold with your eyes, whether it be with purple eyeliner, blue mascara, or vibrant green and pink eyeshadow. Nicholas Lujan, director of Artistry & Education at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, adds, “Spring signals the beginning of the blossom of colour. This year will be no different in the world of makeup. Colours like pinks, yellows and blues will be big for eyes and lips this spring and rolling into summer.” 

Lastly, glitter will continue to trend in spring 2021—to a whole new level. Cosmopolitan told its readers to look out for textured, gilded eye looks like this one! Clearly, we’re going to see a lot of bright and glittery eyes this spring. 

However, if these strong eye looks aren’t your thing, you’re in luck! YSL Beauty National Makeup Artist, Nour Agha, predicts that natural–glam eye looks will continue to stay in style, writing, “Natural faces commanded the catwalks this season, with subtly perfected skin and relaxed eyeshadow (if any at all). The makeup trend for spring 2021 is going to shift to effortless makeup.”


Beauty experts also believe that spring 2021 looks are going to embrace lip designs, even though we’ll still be wearing masks in public. Agha writes, “And yes, make sure you’re still always wearing a mask when you should be. But, for 2021, the mood will be celebrating your lips when they can be seen.” 

InStyle predicts that we’ll see a particular love for cherry red and fuchsia lipsticks. Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vango stated that fuchsia lips combined with some mascara, blush, and highlight will be a favorite spring 2021 look


While eyes and lips are crucial to a bold makeup look, so is the full face! Makeup artists recommend embracing dewy, natural–looking skin this season. Director of Global Artistry at Morphe, Nicole Faulker, writes, “Let those freckles shine through and embrace your natural sheen using a water–based, sheer foundation.” 

Don’t like foundation? InStyle suggests embracing your natural face and only using an SPF–infused tint. If that’s still too many steps in your makeup routine, Harper’s Bazaar recommends just using a dewy lotion or a serum to achieve a glowy complexion

Lastly, beauty experts state that blush and highlights are a must to finish one’s makeup routine this season. Be on the lookout for bright swaths of blush this spring! Vogue writes that “it’s no secret that a wash of blush is an instant mood booster, and there was plenty of inspiration at the spring shows, from the cheeks draped in hot fuchsia blush…to the gazes encased in whisper–light washes of petal pink pigment.” 

Additionally, Cosmopolitan believes that all–over flushes of light pink blush will be in style—blended on the cheeks, temples, and underneath the brow bones. In terms of highlighter, Cosmopolitan writes, “glow big or go home,” recommending a blinding beam of highlight on the cheekbones. 


Of course, hair is an important part of one’s look. Celebrity hairstylist George Northwood thinks we’re going to see people embracing their natural, healthy hair, saying “I feel as though spring will be the chance for us to reinvent our dull lockdown hair.” 

Furthermore, trendy hairstyles will consist of wispy fringes, softly framing the face. Prada hairstylist Guido Paulo believes that grown–out fringes will also give an alluring look of low–maintenance. 

Lastly, hair accessories are a simple way to finish off a look. Following the recent Regency–era revival of elaborate dresses and accessories, Vogue anticipates that we’ll see a love for pearl and crystal hair accessories!

Looking through the trends predicted for this spring, I don’t think I’m the kind of person to get bangs any time soon; however, I might be willing to try out purple eyeliner one day! What do you think? What are you excited to see this spring?

Megan Chui

U Penn '23

Megan is a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She is from Philadelphia, PA!