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Allie Cohen C’16

Name: Allie Cohen

Year: C’16

Hometown: Syosset, New York

Major: Communications, Minor in Consumer Psych and Political Science


1)   Tell us a little about the Class Board.


On Class Board we’re tasked with making Penn’s greatest traditions become a reality for our fellow students. I’m proud to be on it because the events we’re responsible for make up some of the only shared experiences our entire grade has. Traditions like econ scream, hey day, and feb club end up becoming a lot of people’s favorite and most special memories of college, and that’s a really cool thing to have helped make happen.



2)   What is your position on the Class Board?


I’m the Executive Vice President of the senior class. I work really closely with Jesus Perez, the President of the class, but our board is pretty flat in that we all share responsibility regardless of our title. Right now we’re working on Feb Club which is a senior year tradition where we plan an event every day of February. This year is a leap year so there are 29 days of February! We’re going to be very, very busy.


3)   You are also on Penny Loafers! Can you tell us a little about what Penny Loafers is?


Our tag-line is that we’re Penn’s Premiere indie/pop/rock/dub-step co-ed a cappella group. Our set-list is always a really cool mix of ‘tunes - some really cool songs you haven’t heard but should and some popular ones.


4)   What is your favorite song you’ve performed?


The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars. The Civil Wars make such hauntingly beautiful music and I’m still devastated they broke up. My version of The One That Got Away is going to be on our CD which is coming out November 13th!


5)   You are also the ego beat reporter for 34th Street. What is the ego beat and what is that like?

The ego section of 34th Street features and celebrates life at Penn. I get to interview awesome and interesting people and do interviews kind of like this one! I’ve always loved reading Street so it’s really exciting to be on the other side get to create some of that content.


6)   Finally, please describe OAX and your position on the executive board.


OAX is an off-campus, philanthropic society. I’ve made my best friends through OAX and am so proud of how close our chapter is. That’s the reason I wanted to be sisterhood chair. I’ve loved helping facilitate that bond.


7)   What is your favorite sisterhood event you’ve planned?


Definitely the intramural volleyball team I set up! I really miss playing sports and now I get to do it with my favorite people! What more could I want?


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