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8 Tips to Stay Stylish AND Warm this Winter

There is nothing I love more than bundling myself in cozy sweats on a chilly winter day. Nevertheless, there are definitely some days when I feel compelled to dress nicely, especially since putting on a cute outfit tends to improve my mood and self-confidence. However, the low temperature is often an obstacle in creating the perfect winter look. Growing up with the ever-changing temperatures of New Jersey weather, I learned a few tricks for maximizing both cuteness and comfort, even on the most frigid days.

Layers, layers, layers!

Piling on layers is critical when it comes to maximizing warmth. Additionally, strategically styled layers can create an aesthetically pleasing dimensional look. A cute layered look could involve a warm sweater with a furry jacket and a trendy scarf to top it all off. Recently, fluffy coats have been on trend. Even if the rest of your look isn’t that intricate, wearing a fluffy coat immediately adds a sense of effort and style. Once you get to class, you can easily take a few layers off to adjust to the indoor temperature.

Choose the right jeans

Jeans can transform a look, especially ones with unique patterns or cool colors. However, not all jeans ensure warmth. As stylish as ripped jeans are, you’ll definitely feel the bitter chill through the holes. Save those jeans for the early fall or spring. On the other hand, high waisted jeans are a great option due to the extra material that protects your waist from the cold.

Head accessories

Having cold ears is one of the most painful parts of winter, but this sensation can be easily avoided with head accessories like knitted headbands and beanies. These extra touches add style to any outfit while also keeping you warm. Many colleges also sell customized headwear, perfect for any outdoor sporting event.

Tech-friendly gloves

Leave the struggle of having to remove your gloves to respond to that text or check Snapchat. With the hundreds of tech-friendly gloves available on the market, you can completely eliminate this hassle. Since it takes longer for blood to circulate to the extremities, it is critical to keep your hands warm with a nice pair of gloves. Whether you are looking for a statement accessory, an active pair, or just basic gloves, I guarantee you can find a perfect fit with all the options out there. 

Experiment with leather

Leather is one of the most fashionable materials, and it also happens to be one of the warmest. A heavy leather jacket can keep you warm while also adding a chic touch to your look. One of my personal favorite leather jackets is the Bagatelle.NYC Leather Biker Jacket. I love this jacket due to the intricate detailing, as it is covered in buttons and zippers. Another trend I’ve been into is faux leather leggings, and I especially love all of the designs from Spanx. These leggings have a warm interior lining and are the most comfortable pants. They’re also a stylish upgrade from basic black leggings.

Sweatshirts can be stylish

Although pairing a big old sweatshirt with baggy sweatpants may not be the most stylish look, there are tons of other ways to incorporate a sweatshirt into a fashionable look. Pairing a sweatshirt with trendy pants and fun shoes can completely elevate your look. Additionally, jewelry and other accessories can make all the difference when it comes to transforming from bum to chic.

Choose the right shoes

As someone who loves shoes, I find it hard to separate myself from my slip-on sneakers during the winter. However, there are many shoes that are practical and equally as stylish during the winter months. A classic Ugg Boot is always a staple when it comes to keeping your feet warm. The Cougar Women’s Waterproof Mid-Calf Boots are one of the many fashionable winter boots, and they also have furry lining and are weather resistant.


Socks are probably one of the most overlooked aspects of crafting a warm winter look. Just like gloves are critical due to the lack of blood flow to your fingers, socks are vital to preserving warm toes. Investing in some thermal socks will greatly help during chilly winter days. Socks can also really add to a fashionable look. I love pairing my Hunter Rain Boots with Tall Fleece Welly Boot Socks. The knit socks provide a stylish contrast between boots and pants, and their layered fleece also keeps your lower legs warm.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with wanting to relax in sweats all winter. However, if you ever want to upgrade your look for a special occasion or simply just to look cute, there are tons of ways to make it happen.

Sydney Woods

U Penn '23

Sydney is a pole vaulter and also loves traveling and water sports.
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