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5 Study Spaces to Check Out This Fall

School’s back in session, and that means trying to cram you, your laptop, and your latte into a crowded study space…again. Sick of the same old study spots? Try out some of these “roads less traveled” – you won’t have to deal with reserving a Weigle booth or GSR again.
Education Commons at “peak” hours.
1. Education Commons
Hours: 9am-11pm
Food: Yes, Brysi 
Size: Medium
Groups: Yes
Why?: It might be a walk, but its right next to Fox Fitness Center (so perfect to come study after a workout), it has a great view, and it’s hardly ever busy. This modern study  center is spacious, quiet, and enjoyable all at the same time. 
2. Lounge at the Inn at Penn
Hours: 24/7
Food: Yes, all the retail locations outside
Size: Medium-Small
Groups: No
Why?: Its location is prime. Its atmosphere is perfect. It’s comfortable. It’s classy. It’s open 24/7. Did I miss anything? Oh wait, why aren’t you here already?
3. Sweeten Alumni House
Hours: Varies
Food: Sort of, a little walk out to Walnut
Size: Medium
Groups: No
Why?: Situated right off the Walk, it has easy access, comfy chairs, and a low popularity. Need somewhere to kill a half an hour and you don’t want to go Van Pelt again? Hit up Sweeten – chances are, no matter where your next class is, you won’t be late and you can use that awkward half an hour productively.
4. Downstairs in the ARCH
Hours: Varies
Food: Yes, Frontera
Size: Small 
Groups: Max 4
Why?: It’s right next to Frontera and the little buzzers work downstairs. However, if that’s not enough, it’s relatively quiet down near the cultural centers, and the tables are just the right size to spread out, get some work done, and enjoy some chips and guac. However, spacing is limited so get there during non-peak hours, and stay for the long haul.
5. ICA Reading Room
Hours: 9am-9pm (closed M,T)
Food: Yes, right next to Sansom Row (think Federal Donuts)
Size: Very Small
Groups: no
Why?: No one really knows about it, it has a great view, and it has a great atmosphere. Want to take a break? Stroll along the modern exhibits for a bit, or hit the ICA café. There’s even a bar if you’re into that stuff. However, space is very limited so get there early and stay late.
Image courtesy of: Penn Club Philly.
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