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5 Quick Tips For A Happier You

1. Make something

It’s almost unexplainable the amount of joy you can receive from creation. Even if you don’t have a domestic bone in your body, try baking a cake or cooking a simple meal for your friends! Have you been pinning a ridiculous amount of DIY projects on Pinterest yet never thought you could take the first step? Why not today? Even if by slim chance it’s a complete disaster, you will have guaranteed entertainment along the way.

2. Challenge yourself physically

Did you make the classic new years’ resolution to visit the gym more often? Congrats! Now keep that motivation up and go as soon as you finish this article! The most difficult thing about working out is pushing your body past its mental limit. Whether that means pushing through that extra mile or pushing yourself out the door, this psychological battle simply stems from doubt. Set a small, realistic goal for the day and envision yourself succeeding. Do your best to block out any self-conscious inhibitions and take that first step. Working out has numerous physical and emotional benefits to the body. The influx of endorphins assists in easier sleep, a more readable supply of energy, and combats against stress. In addition, you’ll feel like you made the day more productive! Only fifteen minutes can make a world of a difference!  

3. Do a good deed

Making someone else smile is a surefire road to personal happiness. Instead of pushing other people down, try handing them your tallest ladder. Don’t be surprised when they turn around and pull you up right beside them. Volunteer at an elementary school, gift your friend with a "Good luck studying!" care package, or even open the door for a stranger. The amazing thing about random acts of kindness is that the smallest dose of compassion can completely transform someone else’s day. If you want to make longer strides towards a better you, do this daily! 

4. Recognize that the most successful people failed the most

It’s no secret that you are your worst critic. As much as you want to feed your internal Simon Cowell to a family of hungry piranhas, understand that you‘re not the only one who has experienced anguish. In fact, visualize the most successful person in the world. In order to reach such a high level of achievement, that person experienced the most frequent and intense amount of failures. Don’t berate yourself for making a mistake or taking a risk—that’s what makes us better people. As long as you learn from your bruises, you can find comfort in knowing that you’ll stand even straighter tomorrow.

5. Look at yourself from a wider perspective

Perfectionism is a ravaging symptom that’s recognizable in many students at Penn. You can’t help but feel the heavy expectations of your professors, parents, and worse of all: yourself. As much as bombing that midterm feels like the end of the world, take a step back and find solace in the absolute ridiculousness of the thought. You attend an Ivy League institution, renowned for academic excellence and prestige worldwide. Now let’s look through a wider lens. You are a breathing individual whose main stress isn’t finding a roof to sleep under, but studying for a final exam. This is by no means an excuse to be lazy and fail your classes, because a university name can only get you so far. Simply realize that you’re already one of the luckiest human beings on the planet and that your hell could be someone else’s paradise. Cherish the architecture of the monumental buildings, the friend that you can confide with your darkest secrets to, or even the food in your pantry. You have an amazing life and deserve complete happiness!

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