Your Friday Night Plans Told by Dogs

Oh, Friday! The light at the end of the school/work week tunnel. We love Fridays because they are a chance to shake off the stress we’ve carried with us from Monday-Thursday for a couple of hours. If your Friday night plans are anything like mine, then you probably know there’s a pattern that falls into place when it comes to figuring out what your weekend plans will look like. Here to animate your Friday night are some adorable pups:

Making Friday night plans on Wednesday

Friend: Drinks & dancing on Friday night?

Me: YES!!!!

When your friend texts you about those plans on Friday

Friend: We still on for drinks & dancing on Friday night?

Me: What have I done?

Waiting for the work day to end on Friday

Can time go any slower?

When you finally get home on Friday

Is there any sight more beautiful than your bed when you get home from a long day?

When it’s time to actually get ready for your night out

Shower time? More like “live performance of the entire Mamma Mia soundtrack” time

Finally making it to the club

It’s Friday night and you look hot. Time to dance!

Leaving the club and going straight to McDonald's

There’s something about being 5 tequila shots in that makes drunk food so much better


Oh, bed, how I missed you so.

Bonus: Waking up the next morning

TGIF everyone!


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