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Wingd: a platform for inspiration

I recently sat down with the co-owners of Wingd, Zainab and David, to discuss all that their website does and produces right here in Ottawa.

Zainab made it clear from the beginning that Wingd is all about giving writers’ a platform to share their inspirations. Through their sub-categories such as lifestyle, health and beauty, food, culture, sports, science, travel and photography, Wingd aims to celebrate all things local. Clear in their intentions to not discuss celebrities or pop culture, since they believe that ordinary people deserve attention just as much as their famous counterparts, Zainab and David explained to me that the see the website as a way to connect with Ottawa and the individuals who reside within it.

One of the ways that they accomplish this is through their partnership with local and Canadian organizations.  Working with companies such as Advanced Demotology, HerCity Lifestyle, fubo.tv, Media Action and Thimblecakes, as well as local artists such as Ojo Agi, Wingd reaches out to the community in order to obtain information that is relevant and interesting to their readers. They focus on promoting organizations that they believe are positively contributing to the Ottawa area, and recently started searching for a non-profit charity that they could put their full support behind.

In terms of the content that is uploading to the website, Wingd is all about cultural diversity. Topics vary depending on what personally inspired each writer, and the website is full of articles that celebrate the cultural diversity of each individual’s interests. The best way to describe it, Zainab noted, is a shared experience platform. It is a website full of rich content and it contains something suitable for everyone’s taste.

Further, Wingd is also active in the community when it comes to covering and participating in local events. Along with sending photographers and writers to report on events, Wingd presents about their website to local organizations.

In the future, Wingd is looking to develop an app dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Ottawa. Based on general forum outline that would have a timeline similar to Twitter or Instagram, the “Our Town” app would offer an opportunity for users to photograph and upload pictures of Ottawa and its citizens. “It would be a way for people to see the city through other people’s eyes.” Zainab explained.

So HC readers, give the website a try here. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


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Sarah Kirby is a fourth year Joint Honours BA History and Political Science student at the University of Ottawa. Born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, Sarah now is proud to call Ottawa home. Sarah is also proud to be the Editor of News for the 2014-2015 Her Campus UOttawa Team.
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