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Why Viva La Silk Should be on your Christmas Wishlist

Since the start of lockdowns this year, I’ve been in constant search of small businesses to support. With everything that’s been happening, my goal has been to purchase as many pieces from independent artists as I could. And with Christmas around the corner, what’s better than buying from small business owners to send your friends and family the most unique Christmas gifts ever?

If you’re a fan of all things silky, then look no further — Viva La Silk has it all!

My-Cherie, a mom of two kiddos, has poured her heart, her soul, and a little bit of magic into this beautiful brand, which she calls Viva La Silk (VLS). Based out of Austin, Texas, she has her own little boutique where she hand-dyes all of her pieces. Just like each one of us, every piece is unique and has its own touch of love added to it. These pieces are all super bright and add the perfect pop of colour that every outfit needs. 

Not only are these handmade beauties super adorable, they’re also made with so much love! Each piece in the collection is washed in a scent like lavender or rosewater and comes in its own little cloth bag, along with a sweet note from My-Cherie herself. 

So, which pieces are in my closet already & why do they make the perfect gifts? 

The Scarves:

Okay, by far my favourite scarf to wear, like, ever. I snagged an Amethyst Silk Scarf earlier this year and I can tell you it was a staple for my entire summer wardrobe. It’s light, casual, and smells absolutely fantastic! 

If you have friends that are as into scarves as I am, this is the perfect summer scarf for them. It’s light, breezy, and super easy to pack for traveling. They are all in all the perfect gift for anyone who’s looking for a unique scarf to add to their collection. 

The scarves can be worn with any outfit. You can usually find me rocking a casual jean with mine! 

[bf_image id="vqpn5jxrjtsh7q4h8mt2xbz"]

The Scrunchies:

Being a member of the Extremely Thick Hair Club, it’s hard to find the perfect hair tie that holds up my hair and keeps it from pulling too much. One of the best VLS accessories is My-Cherie’s scrunchie scarf combo! 

Both the scrunchie and scarf are made from pieces of silk that are reused from other products. Nothing going to waste here!

[bf_image id="9c2hbnqf43k3vkfhp7wbpms"] As a VLS enthusiast, I have a good stack of scrunchies at home that I rotate through. My absolute favourites are the Acai and Pomegranate ones — two more great ways to add a pop of colour to any outfit. 

The scrunchies never pull on my hair when I wear them, and if you’re afraid they might crease your hair, don’t fret! These scrunchies are super gentle and don’t leave any creases whatsoever. If you’ve got friends who wear scrunchies religiously like I do, they’ll love this silky duo. 

[bf_image id="n4b3mkkwb3rcbc7v4bsh9r6"]


Along with a scrunchie, you also get a smaller scarf too! You can style the scrunchie-scarf combo any way you’d like! Use them as headbands, weave them through your braids or simply wear them as a cute little bow on your bun. They’re also a great fashion piece to wear as a mask. I love sporting my Acai mask when I’m hanging out or just posing for pictures! Who wouldn’t love a cute trendy piece of fashion to wear as a mask, especially this year? There are so many ways to wear them, how can you choose just one? 

[bf_image id="p7nrsf3r9g28th8s97j3rn"]

The Kimono:

Another amazing fashion statement that would look absolutely stunning when you’re sitting by the lake, hanging around the pool or tanning near the ocean. Wherever you are, the kimonos are a super cute way to spice up your summer look. Like the scarves, they’re made of the same silky material, meaning they’ll be super comfy and make you look like a goddess! 

The Goddess Wrap Pants:

These pants are to die for! They are everything and more, truly. I’ve seen so many different ways to wear the pants. Not only can they be worn as regular wrap pants, My-Cherie also does awesome tutorials on how to wrap them as a one-piece silky outfit so you can look stunning walking the streets during those warm summer months. They’re the perfect piece for people who like to constantly shake up their style!

What else to keep an eye out for? Coming soon to Viva La Silk are My-Cherie’s hand designed Silk Kaftans and Silk Veils. They were recently featured on the VLS Instagram account and will be dropping for preorders this month. They’re the perfect piece for heading to the store, lounging in your backyard or for when we all get to go on vacations again!  

So, what are you waiting for? Support a small business this year and check out My-Cherie on Instagram @ Viva La Silkor start filling your shopping cart now with all this goddess fashion!

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