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What’s in my Belt Bag? Concert Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

If you care about music in any sense, you know that live music is back! This summer was the re-birth of the entire live music scene. From small bands playing dingy pubs to the largest celebrities rocking gigantic stadiums, live music left everyone basking in the sights and sounds of music irl after two very quiet years.

After two years of no concerts, there might be some people who are new to the scene. Here’s a guide of suggestions for what to keep in your belt bag (c’mon, we all know they’re back in style).

Essentials (Phone, wallet, keys, etc.)

Obviously, we have to get the basics out of the way! Before you leave to go anywhere, you should always have a checklist of the most important things. When it comes to a concert, these items will most likely be your phone, wallet (with your ID!), and keys to get back into your house after a long night out. If you have other important things that you like to carry with you—maybe like a lucky penny—add that to this portion as well. These are your essentials!

Portable charger + charger cord

It doesn’t matter if you own the iPhone 1 million because batteries are not reliable. But, having a connection to others and a map using your phone is so important! If you don’t own a portable charger, it’s time to invest. Portable chargers have saved us time and time again—they’re slim and can slide right into your bag or pocket and usually carry at least one full charge for your cell phone. When you’re desperately trying to figure out the train times, you’re going to thank the heavens that you’re able to charge your phone. So, get yourself to Walmart and spend that $20-30 to save yourself some unnecessary stress on a night that’s supposed to be all fun. Another important reminder is to BRING A CORD! Nothing is worse than a dead phone and a full charger with no cord to fix your problem.


Now some people will think this is dumb—who wants to litter their bag with Band-Aids®?—but trust us when we say that when the sweat starts to mix with the friction from your shoe and you can barely walk because your ankles are bleeding, you’ll thank everything that is holy that you were able to put something between your skin and shoe to save yourself from the pain. Now maybe the whole ankle thing is not a common experience, but bandages are good for anything. Accidentally slice your finger on a can? Band-Aid®. Trip and skin your knee? Band-Aid®. Cute person needs a Band-Aid®? Band-Aid® and an easy segue to a good conversation! Band-Aids are a quintessential part of any bag, so don’t forget them!

Medication – pain Relief

So maybe medication is a scary word (if you need to carry something like an EpiPen, that’s probably going to be in your essentials category), but something that’s also very important is PAIN RELIEF. This would be your Advil®, Tylenol®, and Aleve®. If you’re going to go generic, these are the ibuprofens, acetaminophens, and naproxens of the world. Sure, you can take something pre-emptively to ward off any pain that may come, but having an over-the-counter painkiller in your bag is a game changer. You don’t want to be crying from a migraine when you should be crying because Harry Styles played Matilda.


Concerts are gross places—that’s just an objective truth. When thousands of people are stuck in one tight space together doing some physical activity mixed with alcohol, it’s gonna be a messy endeavour. This is why you need some form of napkin or Kleenex®. From wiping the sweat from your forehead to the tears from your eyes, these little papers shoved into the bottom of your bag will be just another lifesaver to allow you to continue having the best night of your life. Now it doesn’t have to be anything fancy—if you had McDonald’s before jumping in the car, shove those napkins in your bag and get on your way.

Concerts are supposed to be a fun and exciting experience. Whether it’s your first or your 50th, they’re a time to freak out over your favourite artist and enjoy seeing music the way it’s supposed to be consumed: live and together. As concerts start to roll back and you get more chances to see your favourite artists, make sure to set yourself up for the best night ever with these essentials and any others you might think of. Ultimately, everyone’s belt bag will look a little bit different inside, but we hope these tips help get you set up. Happy concert-going and stay safe!

Hi! I'm Catrina. I'm a fourth year Biopharmaceutical Sciences undergrad trying to find her passion in a shut down world. I'm the type of person who believes that buying books and reading them are too very different hobbies, and I think that says all you need to know.