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What to Wear to Every Holiday Party On Your List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

It’s getting close to that time of year again, when the days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder. Yep, it’s the season of holiday parties every weekend! But dressing appropriately for every type of holiday party on your list can get a little complicated – your perfect evening gown is too fancy for your work party, but your blazer is too stuffy for the party you’ve planned with the squad… What’s a fashionista to do?

Never fear – Her Campus is here to give you a potential outfit for every event on your list this holiday season – and a few fashion faux-pas to avoid at all costs!

1. The Work Event
Work holiday parties are literally the hardest thing to dress for – you don’t want to be too casual, but as a young collegiette you can’t look too overdressed and uncomfortable. All white everything might be a bold move, but it’s one that’s easier to pull off in the winter – and it’s an eternally classy look. The biggest faux pas at a work party is overindulging – avoid the drinks table, especially if you’re underage or look like you are!

2. The Family Gathering
If ever there’s a time for comfort, family holiday parties are it. Everyone here has watched you grow up, so there’s no need to grandstand – wear your coziest sweater and feel free to indulge in home cooked food and family love. Make sure to avoid anything tight or constricting at this holiday party – you know you’ll be stuffing yourself!

3. The Formal Affair
Formal, fancy holiday parties are your chance to go all out. Lace, sequins, velvet, tulle – all four – now’s the time to branch out and push your style limits! Go for rich jewel colours or light wintry neutrals and you won’t go wrong at a formal affair. One thing to do before you leave, though – practice walking in your high heels! You definitely don’t want to crash into the canapés here.

4. The Meet-the-Parents
Of course, the most important thing when you go to your significant other’s family holiday event is just to be yourself; you want them to love you for you! Failing that, though, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a really nice turtleneck sweater, jeans, and boots, especially if it’s a daytime event. The only thing to avoid here is showing too much skin – it’s a bit archaic and we should all wear what we want… but. Still. Your honey’s parents.

5. The Pub Night
You and your squad are heading out to the pub (or maybe the club?) for some holiday festivities – but how do you dress for the freezing cold of the dreaded entrance line and the scorching heat of the dancefloor? A furry sweater and short skirt are just the thing! The slightly over-the-top silhouette is just the thing for the holidays. Just avoid anything too bulky – go for thinner knits, since you’ll be tearing up the dancefloor!

Above all, dress to impress… yourself! Wear what makes you feel comfortable this holiday season, and you’ll never look out of place no matter the party. Tweet us what you’ll be wearing this holiday season at @HerCampus!

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Mercedes Cant is a Communication graduate student at the University of Ottawa.